Elite Ambassador Samara Region – Russia , Anna Smirnova

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Elite Ambassador Samara Region – Russia , Anna Smirnova

 “I appreciate the trust in business, I strive to make my business the best in the world!”


 The creator and director of the “MIRTOLLI” group of companies explained why the honorary mission is so important for her – to be the Ambassador of the International Business Women’s Club “ELITE BUSINESS WOMEN” in the Samara region, Russia and talked about the achievements that made such a choice possible.


“ I earned my first money at the age of 14. I have studied at school with children on the “extended program”.  Then, while studying full-time at the university, she worked as a promoter.

I went to work not because there was not enough money, my parents tried to provide me with everything I needed, I just wanted to evaluate my own capabilities, to check if I could handle it. 

I did it. I realized that I can do more serious projects. And after graduation, I  opened my own clothing boutique. It proved to be highly successful and was sold as a turnkey business.

 “But my main business was orthopedic mattresses. It seems to be a thing familiar to everyone, but catastrophically underestimated. For the first time in my life, having slept on a quality orthopedic mattress, I realized what a pleasure it is, and how many people are not yet able to access it! 

To understand the topic, it was decided to explore world experience. I have lived in China for almost a month, having  studied the technology of making mattresses. I understood the principles, learned to understand the materials. This is what made it possible to launch the production of mattresses in Togliatti in a short time.

 Oddly enough, the crisis of 2008 also helped us, when free niches appeared on the market, and those who kept their savings in dollars turned out to be the winners. They seriously thought about investing, and our products, whose main consumer is precisely the middle class, were quite suitable for such steps. 

Moreover, we staked on an individual approach to each customer. Our retail stores “MIRTOLLI” opened one after the other. In different cities of the country. However, any successful story has its pitfalls. 

Especially in business. We ran into them …

 In 2014, after parting with our previous partners, my husband and I launched a new, completely own brand “MIRTOLLI” (translated as “Mir Togliatti”means from Russian/ the world of Tolyatti). 

And in its promotion we went further. Realizing that the consumer is expecting a new level of service from us every year, we have patented the “Nano-protection” composition with silver nanoparticles

That allowed to get rid of such a problem as a dust mite. It just won’t start in our mattresses. And this became a serious claim. Our products were appreciated not only in Russia, but also in the world. Moreover, there is nothing like this anywhere else. Only here, in Togliatti!

 Successful business and managerial experience allows me to face the future with confidence. I understand perfectly well that a Woman may well look great and still be in demand in business. I see examples like this around. And this is very beautiful. 

I am sure that the harsh world of business becomes better and more attractive when representatives of the beautiful half of humanity enter it on the rights of equal partners. Therefore, the choice of the International Club of Business Women “ELITE BUSINESS WOMEN” became very important for me. This proves that the whole world is faced with similar problems in business, and is looking for ways to most successfully solve them. I also consider the choice of me as an Elite Ambassador Samara Region, Russia as a recognition of the merits of the entire Togliatti business. They know about us, we are considered equal partners, they trust us, they want to do business with us.

 I hope I will be able to prove by my steps and deeds that ELITE BUSINESS WOMEN were not mistaken in their choice. 

And -Yes – I intend to make my business the best in the world! 

There are all possibilities for this. 

You just have to not be afraid to set big goals for yourself.


Contact Anna Smirnova :

General Manager of “MIRTOLLI” GROUP Companies, Tolyatti, Russia

Site  https://mirtolli.com/

Mail a.smirnova@mirtolli.ru