Elite Business Women launches the EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group to support global economic cooperation and give a voice to women in business everywhere

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Elite Business Women launches the EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group to support global economic cooperation and give a voice to women in business everywhere

Elite Business Women is proud to launch EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group, an international initiative reuniting brilliant businesswomen from across the globe. The Group’s main goals are to increase cooperation, collaboration and, more generally, give a voice to all women in the international business environment. Businesswomen everywhere are invited to join their regional EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation to bring together their insights, build new initiatives, and cooperate.

The EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group will work with the EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification, the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network and other EU-GCC cooperation related and to contribute to the EU-GCC free trade agreement. The group is also open to activities with countries outside the EU-GCC.

The Group has already formed partnerships with business and women’s organisation from Jordan, Liban, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

„Together with international women’s organisations, we want to work for long-term cooperation, exchange, promotion, help in establishing contacts, and creating partnerships and joint projects. Our goal is not to associate to create a new entity. Our goal is for organisations to cooperate with each other, so that women have the opportunity to develop their chosen fields and to have help from various governmental or non-governmental institutions. We fight with stereotypes, we work for understanding and dialogue, We want to increase the number of interregional projects, women’s economic missions, joint scientific projects, successful startups, women’s companies, women in decision-making positions, trade agreements, and more places for cooperation and development,” Bianca Tudor, Founder and CEO, Elite Business Women.

Elite Business Women also aims to support EU-Middle East relations and is already doing so through a number of organized webinars in partnership with Ms Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau, a London-based serial entrepreneur, experienced business journalist, and award-winning communicator.

About the EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group

The Group’s activities are based on the principles of the European Union. The council of women’s founders and CEOs of organisations that have signed an agreement for cooperation and joint creation of the Group will meet at a specific time and place. Together, they decide on their priorities and action plan. The Group designates organisations to lead individual working groups. Working groups work in consultation with the Council. Each group is responsible for supporting activities in specific areas. Thanks to this, specialists and practitioners deal with every topic. Interdisciplinary cooperation between groups is also important – e.g. a group responsible for business with a group responsible for technology and a group responsible for science- e.g. for innovative projects, increased employment among experts, startups, etc.

One of the group’s goals is to create offline and online solutions to obtain information, funds, project partners, and business partners. This is to help reduce disproportions between large agglomerations and small towns, disproportions between countries, integration, reduction of bankruptcies and business failures, identify and avoid of patterns that do not work, and increase efficiency across the board.

The Group wants to cooperate with all governmental and non-governmental entities, technology parks, business incubators, scientific research institutes and centres, operational funds and programs, VC and business angels, coworking spaces, local authorities who want to help women develop.

The Group aims to start its mission at the 2020 G20 Riyadh summit in November, through forging long-term relationships with leaders around the world in order to kickstart its activities in the international trade and business development.

About Elite Business Women

Elite Business Women is an international organization, founded in 2015, which supports the development of women’s entrepreneurship internationally, with a network of 12,000 women entrepreneurs in 8 business clubs in Europe. EBW is internationally recognized as part of the World Business Angels Investment Forum, Advisory Board in the transnational project Women in Business – 9 countries in the Danube region, nominated for best social impact by the Central Eastern Europe Awards for Start-ups. Elite Business Women is founded by entrepreneur Bianca Tudor, leading the Organization in the past 5 years as the CEO.