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Sabrina Zuccalà

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This all-Italian story tells us about a woman who made it.

Sabrina Zuccalà, a 49-year-old woman, who has always fought for what she wanted, even against taboos, against the prejudices towards women that are still predominant today despite being in an “advanced” era, in which there should be no differences of gender but rather differences in attitudes towards life, as each of us decides daily on which side to be, which choices to implement and that is what he has always done – on a personal level aware that will reflect on the professional one, evolutionary progress, forged by experiences, she made use of the teachings and opportunities that presented themselves in life. And not only for personal well-being but to something higher, therefore not only towards the individual but for the benefit of the community.

Sabrina Zuccalà simply defines herself as a Woman who makes her profession her mission, love for the country and for the endless opportunities that can be found concretely in the historical, archaeological, cultural, territorial and community spheres.

These same opportunities that magically transform into Energy that feed the engine to create the countless opportunities for the application (at the service of Humanity) of Nanotechnology and always does so with dignity, humility and respect for natural laws which, unlike the laws of man, does not provide for gender differences but treats everyone equally.

Karate was a school, a forge where to forge a character that even then did not conceive of group sports, the ability to rely on others to find support. Between Kata sessions, in the daily commitment to give “shape” (this is the meaning of Kata) to the technical sequences, focusing on the precision and power of the movements – at the age of eighteen Sabrina was awarded the black belt.

For Sabrina, being a manager wasn’t enough for her. Her work routine was not big enough to contain her ambitions. Staying steadfast on what she had achieved, while the outsider flame she was born with grew within her, must have forced her to look at her real potential.

It must have been then that she realized how, inside her fire, her abilities burned slowly, her unspoken talent.

For three long months she remained locked inside her thoughts, trying to give shape to her project, taking care of all the details of an activity that was then pure avant-garde; a nice idea, yes, but a harbinger of very high risks in a sector in which very few had ventured.

During those ninety days, while one piece at a time was building her future, she must not have looked back too many times.

 Today, the lawyer Sabrina  Zuccalà often says that entrepreneurship does not advance with perhaps, with if or with maybe.

We only proceed if we have clear ideas. And her had to be crystal clear because, from that retreat into herself, she re-emerged with the 4Ward360 – an Italian  company that is now a leader in an ever-expanding sector.

Company 4Ward360 -the creature of a young entrepreneur who has been educated to use her head, far from the reassuring comforts of the flock, very deep into the suffering of those who choose to open up a path where no one seemed convenient to do so.

The choice of nanotechnologies seems very much in line with Sabrina’s idea of ​​life. 

She is not surprised that a person who was able to take hold of her existence, to shape it until she was able to give it the shape that most resembled her, is now in charge of manipulating matter in her nanometric unit of measurement. her.

Sabrina has decided to specialize in the conservation of cultural heritage through Nanotechnology.

 Her company has gained important experiences around the world and has overcome complex and unique challenges such as, to name one of the most important international collaborations – the treatment for the protection and conservation of the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang in Xi’an, in China.


The Heritage Preservation Lab project – Sabrina created was born with the intention of devoting herself exclusively to the conservation of cultural heritage. Her deep love for art and the desire to be able to pass it on to future generations can be seen on the website of a  company 4ward360.

“It is a Mission that is strengthened by the awareness that –  if we are not able to preserve what our millennial history has given us, we will end up losing much more than monuments, churches and sculptural complexes. What we will lose, pending the restoration and conservation interventions, will also be the memory of our millenary history”.

To cope with this activity of protection and conservation of cultural heritage, both Italian and foreign, 4Ward360 invests an important part of its turnover in the Research & Development sector.


Being an entrepreneur in a country where women, with the same educational qualifications and experience, earn on average 30% less than their male colleagues, means double the effort. 

Whether it is double, triple or much more, this has not prevented Sabrina Zuccalà from creating a leader in her sector, where many are working and doing research thanks to her desire to live up to her ambitions.


“The recognition and appreciation of what I do is a fact and has led me to evolve my entrepreneurship which lately is also transforming me into a public figure.

Life has been not easy at times but, with continuous gratitude, I am aware that the opportunity it is giving me ensures that I never move away from my focus, that is to make Nanotechnology a tool for evolution in respect of community well-being and to bring , around the world, the Excellence of Italy.

“I am happy to contribute my experience in this important reality:

 Elite Business Women and Elite Business Club Italy.

I congratulate Bianca Tudor and Dr. Liliana for their determination to unite the most beautiful realities of international excellence to develop our world heritage”. Sabrina Zuccalà.


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