Ella Gheorghioiu, Event Planner Sibiu Events – Event Planning in Pandemic Times

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Ella Gheorghioiu, Event Planner Sibiu Events – Event Planning in Pandemic Times

My name is Ella Gheorghioiu, I am the Founder of Sibiu Events – an offline event planning agency that is forced by the pandemic situation to move online. I will tell you my story and how I can help you.

Context – from offline to online, fast!

For Sibiu Events – offline event organizing agency – this time is a great challenge! The challenge is to get out of the comfort zone, to find quick solutions and especially to adapt fast to a new context – designing of online events.

What does this ”free time” bring us?

It brings time for us. Time to focus on ourselves and our business. For gathering insight and for our personal development. But it is important that we now prioritize the information that appears daily in our attention and make the most of it.

Let’s just choose what we feel that it fits for us – choose the best courses, webinars, movies, books and avoid the overwhelming feeling by taking it one at a time.

In the event planning industry, and also in other industries, it’s ok to take a little break and first analyse the situation – what can I do? How can I adapt? What resources do I have? What do I need?

Do you have alternatives? Convert them into your solutions and integrate technology into your day by day routine. In our days, you can organise a great event just online, using special tools and great marketing. Virtual is better these days and you can connect better than ever with people from all across the globe!

It’s also important to remain in touch with your community – continue to post on Social Media, to make online meetups and to create a support group for those in need – promote best practices, local CSR initiatives and encourage small businesses.

Check on your sponsors, partners, suppliers – explain them the situation and assure them that when this period will pass, you certainly will collaborate again.

Don’t forget to take care of your team and also use this time to learn new things or to rebrand your business – make changes on the website, logo, online communication, think a new marketing campaign, maybe launching a new product. Make it worth it!

What can I offer you in these days / weeks of isolation?

Useful recommendations to get better from this period, recommendations from the trainers I worked with offline and the specialists that I admire.

I want to stay true to the words below and bring to your attention the most inspiring resources, for the moment online. All these to make you feel that you are growing and learning, even if you stay at home.

The most important thing that you should know is that every entrepreneur is going through hard times, but the most important thing is to ADAPT – go online and keep your community engaged.

So if you need a community, I can help – most of my friends tell me that I am a Human LinkedIN 🙂 Let’s keep in touch!

More about me, Ella – the Event Planner

I am passionate about organizing, planning, research work, Spa & wellness, complementary therapies, beauty, online marketing, reading and travel.

I like to create communities and get actively involved in them. I like to bring people together and connect them.

You can find me on the Facebook page Sibiu Events, where I will come with recommandations from trainers, new partnerships and new trends in the online event organizing industry. https://www.facebook.com/SibiuEvents/

Education, change, decision making, personal development – Sibiu Events will bring to your city the events that will help you become who you want!

With confidence in better times,

Ella Gheorghioiu,

Event Planner Sibiu Events
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