“Emotional detox painting on silk”

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“Emotional detox painting on silk”

On a personal journey created through a combination of colour and silk, each one of us can find answers deep within us. Your ‘destination’ is the complete expression of who you really are!


In the relaxing atmosphere of the atelier, you can experience an exotic journey, a fascinating adventure on a ‘Silk Road’ to the interior of the Self; a journey that leads to a deeper understanding of your authentic Self, irrespective of any painting talent.

The ‘Silk Road’ lies before you now. Why not start your journey to an awareness of your authentic Self, today?


You will find the encounter between silk and colour to be a moment of deep relaxation; a moment when the contemporary adult meets the eternal child. This unique encounter becomes the catalyst that sparks an awareness of significant aspects of every person’s life, hidden or visible, transposed onto silk in a revealing way.

You experience a wonderful, personal event without using words, only colours, as your subconscious acts as your compass. Your destination is the complete expression of who you really are. It is a journey designed to relax, heal and develop each one of us psychologically. The volatile, everyday personality finds solace in meeting the eternal child that lives within all of us.

In only a few hours, you will experience a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. You will fully understand that silk, this natural, subtle material can bring deeply felt emotions to the surface of your conscious self. Usually, we glimpse these fugitive emotions briefly before they disappear; but this journey to the interior of the Self will hold and retain them in your conscious mind.
The meeting of colour and silk becomes a joyful celebration of the soul, a gift that brings answers we yearn for, healing the soul through the simple exercise of painting on silk. Painting on silk becomes a paradigm of a meeting between our conscious and unconscious Self. Ultimately, the experience transforms our lives and our emotions. We reimagine and renew ourselves. Everyday stress and anxiety amplify emotions, so relaxation is beneficial. The basic emotions which each of us experience from moment to moment, sometimes more poignantly, sometimes less poignantly depending on the context, are, according to the renowned psychologist, Paul Ekman, seven in number. They are as follows: Wonder, Annoyance, Happiness, Fear, Contempt, Disgust and Anger.


As a clinical psychologist, I recommend painting on silk as a method of deep relaxation, as well as a method of generating continuous, personal development. The psychological and spiritual content identified by each of us on the silk canvas are those we want to improve, correct, or even eliminate.
I invite you to join us on the ‘Silk Road’ at my atelier, where, while painting on silk, you can identify and express your emotions. Then, if you feel in need of guidance to decipher your painting, I am there to offer this support and, together, to identify what emotion you want to work on, to develop.

Everyone’s journey may start by contacting The Myartrelax Workshop at the email address myartrelax@yahoo.com , on Facebook – Atelier-myartrelax, and soon the information will be available on the website www.myartrelax.com.