Entrepreneurship Story of Cristina Vintilă, founder of CV-Expert Contabil

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Entrepreneurship Story of Cristina Vintilă, founder of CV-Expert Contabil

Cristina Vintilă, founder of „CV-Expert Contabil” group:

„We want to be the best business partner, not just the best accounting company.”

Domain: General and specialized accounting

– What does your business do ? (mission, vizion, market)
Our mission within „CV-Expert Contabil” is to provide accounting and financial consulting services for people. Starting from the premise that the most valuable resources of a company are the entrepreneur and its employees, we always orient ourselves to their guidance, so we do not only help them with their accounting problems.

„CV-Expert Contabil” vision –  We want to be the best business partner, not just the best accounting company.

First of all, we fully understand the activities of our clients to create a dedicated monograph, focused on solving the problems found in accounting. Then we propose improvements, so as to reduce the fiscal impact (tax) and reduce the expenses (ANAF, banks, partners, etc.). In addition, we help the entrepreneur understand what our goals are in terms of the financial section of his business.

This “human approach” in such a process-oriented field is what sets us apart in the local market: we understand people, not just their activity, and constantly train them to avoid any financial mistakes in the future.

– What does a normal day in your life looks like?
We start with a meeting with all the colleagues to be able to set the priorities of the current day, we continue with the meetings with the current clients, we look for the solutions of the cases requested by the clients. At the end of the day, I check the activities of my colleagues, and at a period of several days I allocate time for potential clients.

– What made you enter the world of entrepreneurship?
When I realized that I could have a positive impact in this area, I wanted to fulfill my vision: to create a methodology of work of my own and to apply it for those that want to develop their company correctly, organicaly and sustainable.

– What’s the story behind your brand? How did you choose the concept?
When I realized that I had created my own quality standards and they had results, in the sense that my department was able to get the best scores from the audit, I realized that I had to apply my methods to a higher level. This is how I managed to step from employee to entrepreneur, feeling everything rather like a calling, nothing being forced.– How do you keep a clear mind in this world set on fast forward?
I think it is a challenge for us all to find a balance in such busy times, which gives us the impression that we never have enough time. But I came to the conclusion that it all comes down to how each of us choose to set our minds and live our lives. In the end, it all comes down to our perceptions and choices.

– What motivates you? What inspires you?
My satisfaction when people I help appreciate my constant effort is what motivates me the most. And inspiration always has to do with the client’s vision and my involvement to fulfill it.