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There is something inside the world of a woman’s business that makes it special. Besides an extra dose of empathy, the natural devotion for esthetics might actually complete the list of details that makes a woman’s business feel and look special. 

We’re showing you the story about beauty and health combined in a successful business project with a medical mission. The project is called “Alderma”. It is a beauty clinic in the city of Constanța, Romania, by the Black Sea. And it’s not just a beauty clinic but a real health center because its owner and manager knows all to well that beauty comes literally from the inside and also gets help form the outside.

Dr. Alexandra Popa is a specialist in Dermatology and Facial Aesthetics, Injectology and Laser Therapies, with continuous improvement in new techniques of injectology and facial volumetry. Her education and experience level  made it easy for her to come up with a market vision that identifies the needs of local women. This way she implemented within Alderma Estetic some unique services in the city of Constanța such as: Sciton Laser, Vision Facial Diagnosis and Endymed Radiofrequency Procedures.

Alexandra is therefore a local leader in Beauty and Modern Medicine because she was the first to implement new technologies and procedures in her clinic, some of which were wanted and needed by a lot of women who had to go in other towns or countries to find these solutions and services.

As the development of modern services was a main goal of the business, the list of services is quite generous: Wrinkle treatment by injection, Hyaluronic acid injections, Laser therapy, Micro Therapy, Vampire therapy, Radiofrequency, Cryocautery, Videodermatoscopy, Cleaning treatments, and many more.

Let’s take for example the Microneedling Dermapen therapy, in which Dr. Alexandra Popa has a more than 5 years experience. Microneedling is a safe and efficient procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin with the purpose of generating new collagen for smoother, firmer and more toned skin. She quickly invested and imported from Australia the latest device for the procedure, Dermapen 4. She did the same thing regarding the latest laser devices and now Alderma is still the first and only clinic that uses Sciton Laser for different therapies like Forever Young BBL By SCITON. It is a revolutionary procedure that penetrates deep into the skin cell at the molecular level and activates certain genes associated with youth and regeneration, while inactivating other genes associated with aging.

Find out more about Dr. Alexandra Popa and her team on how they manage to bring daily beauty at the latest level by accessing Alderma Clinic’s website www.alderma.ro