Georgiana Voinea – Environmental Expert, Founder Geoffan Expert Consult

For nearly 7 years, I have, for the hundreds of clients who work with me and with company Geoffan Expert Consult, two goals: zero fines and a 100% success rate in obtaining regulatory acts, goals that I have successfully accomplished.

How did I manage to do this?

I am passionate about environmental legislation and this makes me keep up to date with all the legislative news and constantly participate in industry events. For this reason, I have proposed myself to be the number one expert in the field, and to help with my services, as many individuals and legal entities as possible, so that they can quickly and safely align with the regulations in effect. So, I invite you to my personal blog and on my social media profiles, where I publish all the news in the field.

And if you want to use my services and those of company Geoffan Expert Consult, here is the list of services.

  1. Obtaining permits, approvals, environmental agreements
  2. Monthly waste management (both for generators as well as for producers and importers)
  3. Environmental reports (monthly, half-yearly, annual reports)
  4. Environmental consulting
  5. Support during the inspections performed by environmental authorities
  6. Seminars and conferences on environmental obligations.

Georgiana Voinea

Environmental Expert

0745 195 744 / 0740 460 336