Statistically destined to lose Helena is from a refugee immigrant family from Kurdistan in North Iraq.


College and university drop out, she worked hard as soon as she was legally allowed to be employed. In her early 20’s she ran a chain of amusement arcades and managed the south west London region for the gambling company before moving onto business banking for RBS and Natwest.

She soon became team leader and was making waves until she developed chronic symptoms from her brain tumour, turbulent relationships lead to depression and her rebellious attitude lead her to be thrown out of her family home several times before she found refuge in a YMCA hostel.

Things went from bad to worse, desperation partnered up with anxiety and Helena left he bank as she was heavily medicated and become yet another statistic on benefits and state welfare.

Struggling with life, health, other people and mainly herself, Helena was losing badly until she made the decision one day to win and to make no excuses or complaints.

With that decision Helena rose up , healed her body, her relationships, and as she transformed we own life she helped any and everyone she could along the way.

Organically falling into coaching, Helena trained in personal performance training, NLP, Law of attraction and came off benefits to start working for a sales company in London.

Within 6 months her mindset and performance made her MD of the company and at the same time she registered her own coaching business.

A year into her role Helena and her whole team were made redundant with no warning or compensation.

Determined to win despite her situation Helena hustled and laser focused on her business and managed to make half her wages job in 1 week of her business.

An expert at getting back up when life knocks you down. Helena believes in the power of mindset, choices and the potent energy of focus.

Helena is dedicated to self evolution and empowerment of individuals and businesses. She helps activate authentic confidence and blends mindset training with practical strategies to move forward, succeed and win in life, health and business.