In vino veritas – Premium wine auction at Balul Bucuriei, 4th edition

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In vino veritas – Premium wine auction at Balul Bucuriei, 4th edition

In vino veritas – Premium wine auction at Balul Bucuriei, 4th edition


Among the surprises of this year at Balul Bucuriei, the 4th edition, is the exclusive wine auction held by the international award-winning sommelier, Iulia Scavo, and the President of the Romanian Sommelier Association, Florin Voica, two authorities in the field, who will participate with both soul as well as with all their professionalism, to delight the present public, but also to raise funds for the cause of children and young people with autism of Autism Voice.



Iulia Scavo is the first woman to hold the title “Master of Port”, an international competition dedicated to Porto wine.
For her work promoting the image of Romania she received the “Oscar of Excellence” in the field, and in 2018 she received the title of “The best sommelier in Romania”.


Florin Voica is the President of the Romanian Sommelier Association and is recognized as the first international certified master sommelier in the country. He has over 25 years of experience in the field and runs the most famous competitions and wine tastings in the country and Europe.


The two reputed sommeliers will conduct the charity wine auction within Balul Bucuriei from award-winning wineries in Romania such as Garboiu, 1000 Chipuri, Davino, etc.

All funds raised during the auction will be redirected exclusively to the cause supported by Balul Bucuriei.

Tickets can be purchased here

The 4th edition of Balul Bucuriei, “Beyond the Stars …” is organized together with the Bragadiru Palace and Backstage Production Group, hosted by Mihaela Tatu, an evening during which we will be delighted by Feli’s voice and the Nadia Comăneci Foundation and choreographer Viviana German Potlog will amaze us with an emotional opening moment. It is an annual philanthropic event, an opportunity to participate in the only charity gala dedicated to children and young people with autism in the south of Romania, where about 200 entrepreneurs, managers, CEO’s, public persons and good people participate.

Places are limited!

What does a ticket for Balul Bucuriei mean to you?

➡️A magical evening, with well-known artists on the stage, with collection wines, delicious food and the unique feeling of participating with other people like you for a better future!

What does a ticket for a child with autism mean?

➡️The equivalent of a ticket to Balul Bucuriei means 5 hours of therapy for 1 child with autism in Autism Voice centers.

See you there!

Nicoleta Orlea

Fundraising Manager
T: 0751 278 391
E: |
Str.Agricultori, nr 116A, Sector 2, Bucuresti