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What is
ELITE Business Women
Investment Fund?

The results of the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs 2018 study show that, of the total business in Romania, 28.9% are owned by women.

Romania registered an increase in this category, being now on the 9th place in the world, in the context in which, last year, it was in the 13th place, with a percentage of 27.5% of the total number of businesses owned by women.
A study conducted by the consulting firm EY and Kennesaw State University globally shows the importance of women in the family business. Specifically, some of the significant results of this report include the following:
  • On average, family businesses have about five women in executive management;
  • Women make up 22% of the management team of a medium-sized family business;
  • 55% of family businesses have at least one woman on the board;
  • The boards of directors of 8% of the family business have 50% or more women in their composition.

24/57 PLACE

We are on the 24th place out of 57 analyzed economies in terms of women entrepreneurial education (business and financial).

29/57 PLACE

We are ranked 29th out of 57 in terms of creating a business environment that supports female entrepreneurship.


There is a huge potential of young, intelligent, enterprising ENTREPRENEUR women who can’t find as quickly/ easily an investor.


Grant programs or Start-up Nation programs

  1. Accelerators / hubs (up to 50k);
  2. Angel seed / business investments (50k500k);
  3. Venture Capital / Private Equity Investments (Catalyst Romania, GapMinder, BlackSea Fund, Early Game Ventures) – investments between 500k – several million Euros.

It is a financing program dedicated to women entrepreneurs from Romania.


  • It is an Association as a legal entity under the umbrella of Elite Business Women, founded by Bianca Tudor
  • Elite Business Women Business Club reinvests 40% of the membership to fund EBW Investment Fund
  • Based on the concept of Affiliate Marketing, Elite Business Women is the FIRST SME to put this concept into practice, after the multinationals Vodafone and AXA
  • It is funded EXCLUSIVELY by small businesses founded by women for women, as an example of a collaborative economy or sharing economy
  • Women entrepreneurs when joining the Elite Business Club become Affiliate Members, financiers but also BENEFICIARIES of the EBWIF investment program
  • 20% of the value of a new membership recommended through EBWIF goes as a BONUS to the Affiliate Member
  • 20% of the value of a new member’s membership goes to the Investment Fund, where once a year women-founded businesses are financed
  • All funding applications are ONLINE

20% Of
The Value


Because we aim to grow together with the SME segment in Romania as well as globally!

Of the 800,000 companies in RO, only 40,000 are profitable. However, both in Romania and in Europe, the economy is supported 95-97% by the SME sector.

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 19.34.43

Promoting women and supporting them in obtaining SME promotion and development funds

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 19.36.53

The EBW community can provide know-how, support, and training, as opposed to a classic grant that only provides funding.

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 19.36.59

Promoting the company to other people in the business area, who could even bring in business-angel funding as a member of the Elite Business Club

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 19.37.05

Experience of EBW members and the board, implicitly mentored

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 19.37.10

Support in developing the strategy and a business plan by collaborating with EBW members and EBW mentors

Business established for at least 1 year
1 woman in the shareholding (50% of shares)
The company must be profitable
The company should be registered in Romania
EBW members have priority
The company should not be involved in civil or criminal litigation
  • Eligible areas: education, health, IT&C, services, AI, social entrepreneurship, manufacturing, marketing, consulting, etc.
  • The woman entrepreneur, owner or co-owner of the financed company to be a graduate / attend at least one ENTREPRENEURSHIP course
  • The company financed to submit a 6-month Financial Report containing the balance and execution budget of the project financed by EBWIF

  • The woman entrepreneur, owner or co-owner of the financed company to agree to appear in the promotion campaigns and research activities related to EBWIF



ONLINE submission of the applicant’s form
Direct voting on the platform (49% the community, 49% EBIF board, 2% Golden Vote)
Announcing the winning companies
Funded entrepreneurs must have completed an entrepreneurship course or take a maximum of 3 months
The company understands and agrees to reimburse 50% of the financing if it does not meet the performance indicators
The money can be granted in two installments, with the interim verification of the budget execution
The company undertakes to participate for 3 months in MasterMind with the EBW team of specialists
  • payment of the consulting services for the preparation, but also for the implementation of the project;
  • payment marketing & promotion services;
  • participation in trade fairs and conferences;
  • coaching, training & mentoring 20% of the funding amount;
  • web services & branding 20% of the financing value;
  • acquisitions of means of work (computers, licenses) with co-financing 50% entrepreneur.


In the first 3 years of activity, we aim to offer:

– 6 financing scholarships of 15,000 euros each, 6 companies in which to invest for growth;
– 6 financial education & entrepreneurship courses with strategic partners;
– To attract investments to this financing program in the area of multinational private companies and SMEs;
– Let’s launch it nationwide


Bianca Tudor

Founder & CEO Elite Business Women
Investment Fund
INACO Volunteer - Competitiveness Initiative
Advisory Board – Women in Business Danube Region in Europe
Winner 1000 successful stories – The Story Exchange Global Contest 2016

Andreea Liptak Spiridon

Entrepreneur Licensed in Banking Policies Specializing in PR and Communication Founder Center for Life

Corneliu Bodea

CEO ADREM Invest President of Romanian Energy Center

Peter Barta

Former Investment Fund Manager

Mihaela Tudor

Brand Consultant
Founder of Tudor Communication

Mariana Bradescu

Award-winning entrepreneur
Managing Partner Piatra Online

Cristina Timis

Serial Entrepreneur
With Owner Cris-Tim, Timis House
Founder of the Eliade Clinic

Alina Georgescu

Catalyst Investment Analyst Romania
Venture Capital Fund

Alina Alexe

Founding lawyer Alina Alexe
Law Office
Head of Legal Adrem

Ioana Arsenie

Trusted Advisor
Strategy & Finance