I think every single moment of our lives is important: not because you don’t know when it will end, but because you learn from each experience…

I am an active person, always willing to learn and to improve, both personally and professionally. I always thought that being healthy, having willpower and discipline, one could accomplish almost everything. Over the years I have realised how important it is to also have passion for what you want.

I like to communicate with people and get to know as much as possible about them. I often wondered what makes us so different from one another? What are the reasons behind some of us achieving success and others not?

Like all of us, I have my frustrations and fears and, at the same time, hopes, goals and dreams. I have my good times and sometimes painful moments. I have made some great choices in my life, but also made choices that I considered to be big mistakes at that time…they were actually indicators in my life journey. I learned from all of them and I know that I am continuously progressing, a progress that I always measure with myself.

I used to be a businessman living in Denmark…
Since 2010 I have a new great passion: coaching, which has now also become my profession. I am an International Senior Coach, practicing coaching in Romania and other countries such as: UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia.

I love helping executives, business professionals, and high achievers to create massively improved results in their professional and personal lives… to live a happy and fulfilled life.

At the moment I am content with the expertise and experience I have achieved as a businessperson in an international environment as well as through more than 2,000 hours of coaching practiced nationally and internationally. Furthermore, I have been on several TV programs and in magazines and have conducted workshops and Mastermind programs on different topics.

Through my coaching programs I have, for several years, been helping people in top management positions, and entrepreneurs, to develop their skills and capabilities of a successful leader and unleash their potential as an individual and as a businessperson. They have been able to achieve extraordinary results as much in their professional life as in their personal life.

One of the greatest satisfactions that I have as a coach is to see how through coaching, people build authentic relationships both with themselves and with others, become more self-confident, and enjoy even more the moments that life has to offer them.

My Coaching Services include:

– Individual Coaching (1:1): Performance & Authentic Leadership 

– Team Coaching: Team development.

– Mastermind Programs: Performance & Leadership Coaching and Teaching.

– Team Buildings: Performanta & Leadership in organizatii

– Master Classes and Workshops.

My clients have improved their performance by:

– Developing greater self-awareness to help them pursue more opportunities.
– Building more effective personal skills: coaching, mentoring, problem solving, leadership, time management – optimum prioritization -, negotiation, delegation etc.
– Becoming more strategic about work and stop letting day-to-day issues run their schedule.
– Increasing capacity to manage challenges and changes.
– Becoming more influential, assertive, and effective.
– Increasing work satisfaction and productivity, as well as creating a harmonious relationship between work and personal life.
– Observing and understanding reactions and feelings, as well as calibrating them effectively.
– Improved work relationships with superiors, colleagues, the team, as well as clients.
– Developing a leadership style that suits them and helps obtain powerful results.

My vision and mission are to be a contributing part of making the world a better place, starting with every one of us, as individuals.

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