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The boring aspects of everyday life will not motivate us as time goes by. But they will keep us going further and when we follow our goals, we might realize that sometimes goals change. But there are some things you don’t want to change. Things like feeling and looking young. And beautiful.

As we evolve, we also get old. It’s true and there is nothing wrong about it. But things also evolve around us. Things like technologies, medicine, science and also the ways we learn, communicate and take action. We cannot stop time. But we can keep our youth and looks in good conditions, with new and better procedures.

A determined young woman, a doctor from Romania, Alexandra Popa has taken things seriously in her hometown (Constanța) when it comes to pushing new limits and standards for beauty and youth. She opened up her own Beauty Clinic using structural funds and implemented latest technologies and procedures.

Doctor Alexandra Popa is a specialist in Dermatology and Facial Aesthetics, Injectology and Laser Therapies, with continuous improvement in new techniques of injectology and facial volumetry. She implemented in her clinic Alderma Estetic latest technologies, some of which are the first and only ones in town: Sciton Laser, Vision Facial Diagnosis and Endymed Radiofrequency Procedures.

Alexandra believes in her vision of constant and quick evolution on the market using modern medicine practices and technologies for better and more natural results. She is always on the look out for everything new in her efforts of bringing the best and healthiest services for women in her local community. 

Alderma Estetic Clinic offers the possibility of detailed diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases, of determining the biological age of the body and the skin, in order to apply the best solutions in achieving goals like: Rejuvenation, Revitalization, Firming, Hydration and skin regeneration, Hyper-hypo-pigmented treatments, wrinkle correction and Laser procedures (for rejuvenation, vascular treatments or permanent hair removal).

The “crowns jewel” of the clinic in matters of modern technologies is the SCITON Laser. It is the first and the only such device in town, which implies a revolutionary procedure that penetrates deep into the skin cell at the molecular level and activates certain genes associated with youth and regeneration, while inactivating other genes associated with aging. The effect of this modern miracle is that new skin cells are programmed to rejuvenate.

Find out more about Dr. Alexandra Popa and her team on how they manage to bring daily beauty at the latest level by accessing Alderma Clinic’s website www.alderma.ro