The pandemic has affected one and all living beings on this planet and has destroyed the emotional quotient of each and every living being without destroying the physical assets. The times were such where we were so scared of our own people friends relatives where we wanted to keep ourselves safe and not interact with anyone.
We have come across various disruption in the business cycle across industries like aviation Hospitality industrials infrastructure oil and gas sector etc. to name a few. The industries that had picked up demand were agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare ECom, etc.
The most important thing that we have learned in these times is that we need to be agile and learn to work more efficiently by being responsible.
We at Centaur Group in these times have focussed on Medical Recruitment for Nurses, Consultants and Para Medical staff for NHS and Private Hospitals in the UK, Germany and the GCC (Gulf Region). We have got enough time to work remotely, make good connections across industries, since we are in the recruitment business for overseas companies in sectors like Construction Infrastructure MEP Hospitality Logistics Retail Oil and Gas sector. We have witnessed that people were very considerate and cooperative during these times, since we all were on the same page across the globe.
I in my personal capacity have ventured into pharma where we are manufacturing multivitamins, immunity tablets and opening a Mini Medical Centre with facilities like Dialysis, Dentistry, OPD, Pathology, Radiology etc with Mini ICU in Pune Maharashtra India. This is the opportunity that we worked in the complete lockdown and this is the need of the hour.
My advice to my fellow associates and friends is to look into sectors where demand is consistent like Agro Products, Logistics, Warehousing for Ecoms, Healthcare, Entertainment, Gaming, Education.
The pandemic has taught us to be more patient, cooperative and humanity which we all should practice in our daily lives personally and professionally to make this world a better place for everyone.
Article by Jai Arora, Director Business Development, Centaur Group (GCC & Europe)

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