Laurențiu Morar, Vital HR

My name is Laurentiu, 34 years old and I graduated Law University. I started in Sales in 2004, and I also experienced a lawyer’s role for a short period of time, and after that I found my direction in counseling and Human Resources.

In the beginning I was rather curious about about Labor legislation and Human Resources, but it gradually grew into a passion which helped me grow and develop to the level where I reached amazing results with the teams I was part of or which I lead.

Along the years I worked in various multinational companies (GPK Consulting, Eureko, Adecco, Vital Group) in executive or management positions.

My first experience as an entrepreneur was in 2007, in Horeca industry which I left 2 years later. In 2013 I took it up again, but I switched the field to medical business.

Since 2018 I started a new business in HR Services where along a dynamic team we managed in a short time to have an impressive portfolio of clients both national and international. Working with the team we developed a recruiting technique which helps us to successfully close projects. This technique which we called “ACT Technique” helps us analyze the Skills, Knowledge and Talents of the candidates whom we recommend.

Laurențiu Morar – Managing Partner

Sibiu Office: Dorului 20
Oradea Office: Ștefan cel Mare 72

Tel: +40 722 608 043
Fax +40 359 815 816