Loredana Vasilescu, Travel Manager SweetFly


I’m Loredana Vasilescu, Travel Manager at Sweet Fly Travel Agency, a beautiful business I founded together with my spouse 12 years ago.

Our range of services is quite varied, addressing both Romanian tourists who want to explore new places beyond the borders of the country, as well as foreigners, curious to discover the traditions and customs in Romania.

Everything has started from our passion for traveling and from the desire to offer special holidays to those around us, as we experience each time. It has been very helpful in this approach, both the experience my husband already had in the field, as well as the various knowledge I have accumulated in the human resources department of a large company.

Behind the 12 years of continuous presence in the industry there is a lot of work and patience. All this time we grew slowly, but with safe steps.

Nowadays, Sweet Fly’s strength is the focus on Asia, for which we also offer visa-related advice and facilitate the connection of tourists with local suppliers and manufacturers.

For the business segment, we have complete packages that include access to various conferences, fairs and exhibitions, as well as everything related to accommodation, transport, travel insurance.

Taking into account that I am a dreamer, I love beauty and variety, when it comes to packages for individual tourism, I like to personalize the travels of our tourists so that every holiday is a story.


Creativity is also very important when organizing domestic trips for foreign tourists, offering them as many experiences as possible: from visit to wine cellars, to sheepfolds or pottery activities, to paragliding and much more.

We love what we do and we strive for every client to become our long-term partner and friend.