Mădălina Cotorogea, Owner Safety First – Marketing strategy as awareness rising tool

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Mădălina Cotorogea, Owner Safety First – Marketing strategy as awareness rising tool

Good practices in marketing and sales – mission, vision and marketing and sales strategy for 2020

Dear readers of EBW Newsletter I am glad to meet you again. The subject of mission, vision and marketing&sales strategy is dear to me because of my background in Marketing and, recently, also in Digital Marketing.

SafetyFirst, our brand, is offering consultancy on Work Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) – a vital field in work management but not very well understood and implemented in Romania. The organisational culture it is still not well developed here and nor does it have a longer history in order to allow the companies to fully understand how to consistently and thoroughly implement the HSE measures at the workplace. The bigger companies have working procedures on HSE and they implement them. We regretfully have to admit that this happens most of the times, because of the requirements imposed by the management of the parent company which has a foreign major shareholder. We are confident that Romanian little and medium sized companies will gradually start to understand the importance of a safe workplace and put more efforts in ensuring a safer workplace for their employees, as they put to their own financial profit. We would like to see this process develop and the company owners to respect their workforce in Romania also.

This is the reason we work our mission into two directions: consultancy and education.

  • The consultancy consists of providing HSE services to ensure the companies HSE procedures and documentation and training for their employees.
  • The education is targeted to the company managers and owners, to those who make decisions regarding cost efficiency.

I would like to develop a little bit this topic. Maybe you are asking yourself which is the connection between HSE and cost efficiency. It is a direct cause-effect connection that becomes visible when an employee is injured and cannot fulfil his work tasks. In this case there are costs with injured employee replacement, time costs, accident investigation costs, trips to territorial labour inspectorates, to police for making statements. And here the manager/company owner faces a lot of financial costs, time consuming activities and above all a stress burden. 

If the lack of HSE internal procedures and documentation is added to the previous ones the employer would face additional costs with penalties. Someone may say that the accidents occur in any case. From our experience of 16 years in HSE field, we ensure them that most accidents have been avoided due to a correct understanding and implementation of HSE measures and procedures. The employees’ safety is a measure of the business safety. If a business owner does not care about the staff, what happens when it is not there at work?

Besides, the measures that ITMs (the Territorial Labour Inspectorates) impose and the controls carried out help to raise awareness on a large scale of the need for the workplace safety.

In Romania, we are pleased to find out that many companies acting in the social domain understands the vital importance of this topic. Is this because of the sensitivity they have by the nature of the domain in which they are active? Maybe.

Starting from the above ideas, I would like to stress that our mission is the awareness rising regarding the importance of HSE. This is done by disseminating the relevant information using Social Media tools. Presently we are implementing a communication strategy on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, we constantly offer on our website up-to-date information regarding the workplace safety. We are connected to the European and world HSE organisations and we permanently inform our partners.

Another dissemination channel is networking events. These are opportunities to disseminate the relevant information and thus to raise awareness of the vital importance of the HSE for the continuous and safe development of the business.

A thoroughly understanding of the HSE importance by the business owners will directly contribute to an increase in profits, by diminishing the work accidents costs.

Collaborative Entrepreneurship in Romania

I would like to mention here a social project we are very honoured to be part of. We are ensuring the HSE work for the construction of the biggest private hospital in Romania. The importance of the workers’ health and safety is well understood by the managers. They are not negotiating their employees’ life and health and they are thoroughly implementing the HSE procedures. Probably this is the reason they are succeeding in realising such a big project with impact on the health of thousands of people and their families and they have benefitted of the support of some big companies and of many individual contributors. We would like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for choosing us and to warmly thank them for their involvement and commitment to develop such a great project.

Another example of collaborative entrepreneurship is the one we are developing with ErgoPrint, Mrs Corina Mihul, also a member of EBW. This collaboration is based on win-win terms:  SafetyFirst is ensuring the HSE services and ErgoPrint is providing the printing services for us. We have this collaboration for over 10 years now. During this time, ErgoPrint did not record any work accident and following the safety controls they had (not few) the company did not receive any penalty or fine. Also SafetyFirst benefitted of the most high-quality printing services on time: brochures, business cards, notebooks, roll-ups, calendars, etc. Besides, we are also enjoying the unique exquisite accessories of Murano Glass that this company offers to those who loves beauty for a couple of years. Thank you so much Corina and Cristi for the trust you showed to us. We wish you success in your activity and many more years ahead to our fruitful collaboration!

Madalina Cotorogea

Business developer



FB: @safetyfirst.romania

LIn: safety-first-romania