At this event, the participants will debate subjects like: current context of female entrepreneurship, problems that women as entrepreneur, can encounter, models of women entrepreneur, how they succeded when facing failure and also the most important instruments that female entrepreneur use to develop their business , all over the world.

Magda Bei, CEO Graphtec Design, Speaker at They Have Succeeded London, second edition

Magda Bei EBC BucurestiI am the owner of Graphtec Design Constanta for 19 years.

In 2016 I became a Certified Member – John Maxwell where I learned to apply in business personal leadership
and other hundreds of leadership, sales, marketing, coaching practices.

Also this year, we became Ambassador Elite Business Women, alongside Bianca Tudor, promoting female entrepreneurship through events held in Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Ramnicu Valcea and London. Since 2016, I’m a Mentor in the Upgrader program, giving voluntarily my knowledge through my 18-year entrepreneurial experience.

Business is done with and out of love for people and it’s my way of building my team,  Magda Bei CEO Graphtec Design

About Graphtec Design

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In short Graphtec Design is about:

  • Tailor-made production of POSM, commercial furniture, tobacco shelves, gas stations, shop fittings, signage,  independent letters, roof tops and others.
  • High manufacturing capacity for orders in large series.
  • Mastery in achieving atypical products on request with innovation in content, quality and reliability.
  • Customer support with specialized information throughout the order performing.

In March 2017 we have 19 years of experience in this field, 19 years experience in hundreds of types of work, learning to overcome hundreds of different situations, all coming up to teach us something about how to move forward, pleased about us and our activity.

We thank all our customers that we exist!

The international campaign „They Have Succeeded” is a stunt that brings together not just dozens of women speakers, but hundreds of ladies entrepreneur that are NOT VIP, that don’t have any media invented stories, but they just succeeded through hard work and ambition, said Bianca Tudor, president of  ELITE Business Women

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