Manuela Cosiumediator, legal advisor, trainer, speaker and communication facilitator

The core of my professional background is represented by the BA I obtained after attending the courses of the Faculty of Law ”Babeş Bolyai” in Cluj-Napoca, the master degree in Criminal and Forensic Science, various other specializations, professional and self-development programmes. But above all, my life experiences represented the invaluable treasure- when I stumbled and fell and I learnt to rise again and never quit. This is when I learnt most!

After long quests to unknown paths,  but inestimable for my self-development, presently  I do what I like, what defines me as a PERSON. I have inspired other people since always and I get inspiration from everything which makes me feel the high vibration, from inside to outside. Why would I keep for myself a treasure that I could share with the others? Therefore, I have learnt to embrace any change with my heart, and the mind makes a pact with the intuition, which has never betrayed me! I choose to live beautifully and gracefully till the end. I wish I were that pawn in everyone’s life which is able to change their direction without even knowing it! I strongly believe in making the first step more than in idealistic plans.

I’m a good communicator, emphatetic, cheerful, creative and very bold, I always love to discover ”why”? I like people, to create connections, to bring value to others and, above all… to learn! I would never like to lose the curiosity of learning to be more! I was a gymnast too, I practiced performance artistic gymnastics, having the honour to be juried by Nadia Comaneci, on the occasion of a contest. Today I only know how to do pirouettes through life challenges ???? . I’m the happy mother of two wonderful children, Lucas, aged eight and Catinca, two and a half years old. I’m also the wife of a good man, who supports me and everything I do and to whom I am very grateful!

I like writing about everything, but not about everybody! I published two volumes of poems, ”Happiness in a Cube” and ”Between Yesterday and Today”. I presently write in prose, too. Writing makes me feel good, it’s a miraculous therapy  between mind and soul, between finding your constancy and balance. I strongly believe in the magic of those words which create the message, which comes exactly at the right moment and is able to change lives! It’s the same force which makes me believe in emotion and authenticity with every fiber of my being! These are the emotional states which have always saved me: I have served EMOTION and AUTHENTICITY in place of… strawberries with whipped cream! ????

At present, I have some projects whose main characters are both children and adults. I wish I could bring some light, at least in one of the four rooms of the other people’s heart! This is the truth in which I strongly believe and which keeps me alive! It’s a path of self-discovery and self-awareness. I’m here, like a puzzle piece contemplating the whole! And we can all contemplate a scene of the emptiness! I graduated the Faculty of Law so I am on my Truth’s side, valuing and consenting to other people’s Truth, as well. I mediate and facilitate two intrinsic components of the same value: COMMUNICATION, without which we wouldn’t be able to find the solutions… sometimes, only one click away! ????

Manuela Cosiu- mediator, legal advisor, trainer, speaker and communication facilitator