Marinela Niculae, Owner Green Day Spa – Beauty as the fabric of life – from one artist to another

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Marinela Niculae, Owner Green Day Spa – Beauty as the fabric of life – from one artist to another

I write this as an entrepreneur and owner of Green Day Spa salons, wishing this would find you healthy, joyful, beautiful, immersed in light and touched by balance.

Because our motto is “For a healthy life, enjoy your daily intake of Green Day Spa”, now, that we are undergoing an extraordinary time which requires extraordinary measures, implying social distancing, our beauty specialists (hair care, cosmetics, nail care, facial and body spa treatments) remain available to provide you with useful tips on how to remain the most beautiful version of yourself during this time. Do not hesitate to contact us should you encounter any issues with completing your beauty rituals at home. Bad times can be mitigated by beauty, and so, we encourage you to be your own personal artists; do not forget that beauty awakens your soul and feeling good about your body impacts everything you do. Our bodies are our enablers, so let’s give them love.

Often times we hear about the importance of hydration, both to the body, and to the hands and face. Let me remind you of the efficacy ofcoffee grounds – in case you’ve forgotten. Instead of throwing them away, keep them for the sake of benefits them can offer your body. They work like a scrub, a toning agent, invigorating blood circulation in those orange peel-looking areas. What you need to do is mix them with olive oil and brown sugar if you have it around the house, apply the mixture on your skin in the shower, massage for several minutes with circular movements and then rinse it with plenty of water.

Natural masks efficiently clean and moisturize the skin; however, in order for you to get the much-desired effect, you need also apply the proper ingredients, i.e. while oat and honey are good for acne skin, for dry skin you should use yogurt and cucumber. Always apply face masks on thoroughly cleaned skin, preferably after a scrub.

In what concernscaring for your manicure, do not forget cuticle oil for hydration. For the ladies who have not purchased professional care products – do not forget you can rely on olive or coconut oil in this case, too. The ladies in the Green community asked how they should care for the semi-permanent nail polish that has been on their nails for too long; we recommend wrapping each individual nail with a cotton pad immersed in acetone, until the nail polish starts giving in; avoid using sharp objects, lest you should injure your nail.

For ladies with eyelash extensions which have not been cared for anymore, our advice to you is not to  pluck them under any circumstances; what you should do is apply fat (not water-based) oil or cream on cotton pads, then place the pads on your eyelash extensions to have the adhesive dissolved, so as not to ruin your natural eyelashes.

Another unpleasant situation our lady clients have come across – I myself being one of them – is the growth of grey hair. You’ll find your solution one phone call away; as I was saying before, you can contact us; we will put you in touch with our Green team specialists, who will correctly diagnose the respective hair, to help you determine the right base and purchase the right product. As for the work itself, as decided, we shall be our own artists.

I for one am not a lover of disheveled hair, in which case I can choose from the numerous solutions available, from rotating hair brushes to hair straighteners, to aluminum foil curls or screwdriver or pencil curls (you can find numerous tutorials to this end).

As far as beauty rituals are concerned, whether we are  among those who have invested in high quality professional products or of those who resort to miracle-working homemade solutions(such as olive oil, maize flower, coconut oil, citrus, vegetables, etc.), we owe it to ourselves to love and care for own bodies.

As forthe removal of unwanted hair– things are getting a little complicated here, where those of you who have had permanent laser hair removal at Green Day Spa or with the help of our colleagues in the market are the lucky ones. That’s our kind of girl!

There are so many other things we could talk about; however, since every beginning has an end, so do hard times not last forever – there is a cure for everything. Let me assure you that we shall see each other again soon or get to know each other at one of our locations as soon as the opportunity arises.  Until then, let us stay healthy and beautiful!


Marinela Niculae,

Owner Green Day Spa