Medical Tourism in Romania

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Medical Tourism in Romania

Medical Tourism in Romania

All over the world we are still educating ourselves to look to our health and wellbeing as that only thing that we receive once in a lifetime. And, in the latest years, people have discovered that they can cross borders in order to regain their health, because distance has stopped being a problem and language a barrier in communication.

We are more open to options, we search more, we discover new things that in the economy of choice make it easy to make us travel to foreign countries for medical treatments. Because, medical tourism offers to potential foreign patients the same medical standards, the same results, but more cost efficient. It’s a more profitable approach with the same results.

And for the last 6 years, in my position of Patient Care Manager and Dental Office Manager, I have had the chance to see a growth in the number of patients that have requested and came to Romania for complex restorative dental treatments. We have, somehow, overpassed the barrier of stereotypes and general impression of a country and managed to see beyond that.

Romania has great super specialized doctors, digital technologies and medical clinics with cutting-edge technologies that can offer to any patient, no matter the complexity of the treatment, the predictable result.

Furthermore, in order to overpass all the inconveniences that might make a foreign patient to reconsider his decision of coming to Romania, I have personally dedicated my time to create a Patient Care system that puts the patient in the center of everything. It’s comfortable to know that from the first online interaction to the last departure, there is a professional that takes care of you, offers you the right treatment, no hidden fees, makes all the necessary arrangements for you to feel safe and well informed step by step (from picking you up from the airport, to taking you to every medical appointment, making all the necessary itinerary to taste the vibes of the city etc.).

Last but not least, by working daily with patients from the United States, UK, Switzerland, Australia, France, Canada and other European countries, I have had enough time to get their feedback, to understand their needs, to predict their worries and these gave me the right insights to build, through MedTourist Advisor, a patient care system that is true and honest to my foreign patients, that is always one to one and never duplicates, that doesn’t sale promises, but delivers the correct expectations, that doesn’t exploit health, but completes it. I understood from their feedback that they don’t know much about Romania and the medical system in my country and it’s up to me to show them the experience of other patients like them that have put their trust in me and the medical teams that I work with (dentists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists etc.) and that have obtained the results they wanted with the right and predictable financial investment.

That is why, my patients know, before taking the trip to Romania, what their treatment is about, how long it lasts, who is the doctor and what’s his experience, what’s the expected cost of the treatment (with the amendment that it might change a little bit after the physical specialized consult).

This is the first event that we are participating at outside Romania and my desire is that the other participants to know us and see that we are real, that we care about their problems and that we not just “other internet page that makes promises”. From this event, I have no expectation other than meeting open minded people that understand my area of business and that are able to trust themselves in me if they want to resolve a health problem they postponed or ignored by now. I want to make people see that Romania is, beside a beautiful wild country, a country with real professional, real doctors that are very committed to their work, that do great medical things, that innovate and excel in this profession and that try more to succeed.

Nevertheless, I would be happy and open to any potential partner that might be interested in associating with me and my believes in order to build a stronger company and to get to more patients and to offer the them our option of regaining their health. I know for sure, from my personal and professional experience, that with the right consultant we take faster the decision of resolving a problem.

Stirbulescu Andrei

General Manager

0040 0724 356 733