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The EBW club consists of business women who want to take a step ahead and leave a visible trace in their fields. What they do has a strong impact on the industry, for which reason Elite Business Women steps in to enhance this power to make a change; we urge YOU to join our endeavours!

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 • View, search and connect to Elite Members

 • Access Business Opportunities

 • Access to Exclusive Members’ Offers Opportunity to promote your products/services through Member’s Offer and Business Opportunities featured in our EBW Newsletters

 • Attend all the ELITE Business Club Exclusive Webinars

 • Attend ELITE Exclusive Online and Offline Meetup with Elite Members

 • Email Campaign to introduce your company to members

 • Social Media Promotion

 • Opportunity to present/share your expertise through ELITE Business Clubs Offline Events and Webinars

• Opportunity to highlight your articles and offers in the ELITE Business Women Magazine


 • Create & Strenghten Business Connections

• Learning from other ELITE Entrepreneurs

 • Access to Business Opportunities

 • Generate Referalls, Increase Business Partnerships & Deals (with your involvement, using the membership benefits)

 • Share Business Experiences & Expand Know How

• Raising Your Profile

• Increase Brand Visibility

 • Obtain VIP participation to EBW events & conferences

 • Stay informed about business trends

Create & Strenghten Business Connections

Learning from other ELITE Entrepreneurs

Access to Business Opportunities

Generate Referalls, Increase Business Partnerships & Deals

Obtain VIP participation to EBW events & conferences


 • Appearance with article in online magazine EBW 1 time / 3 months

• Appearance with article on elite blog 1 time/ 3 months

• Member Profile published in the CHANGEMAKERS section on the EBW blog

• Social media: 1 post about entrepreneur or company 1 time/ 3 months on EBW Facebook/ Instagram/ Linkedin pages

 • Possibility to support a 30-minute live interaction and promotion within the group on the social media pages EBW

• 15 MIN quarterly consulting for your business part of the EBW CLUB- with Bianca Tudor and the EBW Ambassador

• 2 posts in EBW newsletter / per year, sent to 12,000 companies in the country or internationally (according to preference)

• Inclusion in a brochure presenting EBW members with recommendations for collaborations within the club a national and international level


• Online Event Access – Networking Elite Cafe 1/ month for free, online

• Access to Elite Signature Conference 4/ year EU& GCC- Offline Events

• Access to Elite Masterclasses Business 360 , ELITE Academy


  • 10 incubators a year, in groups of 4-16 business persons each

  • You have your own board of directors as an SME and the possibility to share the issues and challenges with which your business is dealing with a group of entrepreneurs who provide you with constructive feedback and smart solutions

  • Inclusion in a leaflet introducing EWB members, with recommendations for collaborations within the club as well as on national and international levels


If you have good public speaking skills and you have a good command of a business field, we invite you to:

– You keep monthly live on the EBW page of FB or LinkedIN

-To hold a monthly webinar on a topic of your choice or a training, workshop, masterclass

Package of at least 3 months

** Applies based on CV + 1 demo **EBW communicates these events on its own channels, does NOT handle registrations or ticket sales

Romania, Italia, Rusia, Serbia, UK, Dubai

Do you need partners to develop a new product or service for your business?

Do you need a good supplier in another city or country?

Business recommendations to grow your business, identifying a strategy to approach potential customers?

ELITE MATCHMAKING helps you with a 1to1 analysis to identify what kind of contacts and business recommendations help you, creates your contact list and puts you in touch with the people you need via email.

RESTART your Business:
Consultanta 1to1 with Bianca Tudor

You’ve been in the market for many years, but you’re stuck at the same point?

Don’t grow, don’t develop the team, don’t have an updated website, Social Media pages or online presence as a brand?

Maybe it’s time for a repositioning in the market, either by developing a new line of business or by a correct image of the company.

In this package you have access to 1to 1 consulting with EBW founder Bianca Tudor, the serial entrepreneur who developed a national and international Business Club from ZERO, created a strong personal brand and became part of the Board of a fund of international investment World Business Angels Investment Forum but also of the European project on 9 EU countries, Women in Business.

Bianca is constantly present as a Speaker or consultant in international pitching competitions for entrepreneurs in Europe, GCC and India.

Send an email in order to be contacted by an EBW Ambassador