Mihaela Lemnaru, Social Media Manager & Content Writer – 6 marketing ideas that businesses must consider

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Mihaela Lemnaru, Social Media Manager & Content Writer – 6 marketing ideas that businesses must consider

Most businesses are undergoing major changes during this period, from rethinking the entire operating strategy to integrating new products, services or calling for digitization.

As a business owner in affected areas or not, the focus is on the client – what he needs, how he feels, how you can provide solutions for him and how you can meet his needs, even if you no longer interact face to face.

How do you do that? Through Marketing & Social Media!

It’s the ideal place to stay close to your customers or attract new customers. The place where people’s needs and desires are communicated, if you are careful enough to listen.

I am Mihaela Lemnaru, a digital specialist for more than 5 years and I want to help you adapt some solutions for your business by offering you a bit of my know-how. Use it wisely!

1. See what others in your niche do during this period

I recommend that you also dedicate time to research – especially if you are in a new situation with this sudden online transition. See what others do in this period – look out for local competitors or from other countries, bloggers, influencers and even other brands.

See how they communicate, what kind of information they offer, whether they continue or not, what actions they have taken? And then focus on what you have and what you can offer to those still interested in your product or service.

2. Think about a plan – what can you do with what you have?

You have a laptop and you have the internet – make it worth it! Social Media offers you a very wide range of potential clients, especially now that everyone is at home. If you have been physically closed, it does not mean that the work is over. Stay online!

Make the most of this breakthrough to fine-tune your online and offline marketing strategy.

3. Give Emotion

If you are different, you can arouse emotion in the people who order. Come up with the usual order (product or service) and create human-to-human interaction, even if at a distance.

For example: create a kind of “Thank you note” for each order, where you briefly write the story of the brand, an idea or a special thank you message for still trusting your brand – it will be appreciated and distributed in Social Media.

4. Create Partnerships

For example, if you are a business serving only pizza or sandwiches, make a partnership with a local cake business. Thus, you can deliver dessert along with your delicious food!

Remember: to have what to promote online, offline action is required!

5. Loyalty

First of all, you can loyalize the current customers through loyalty cards – for example, at 5 orders, the 6th is free, within the limit of 50 lei. Here you can adapt the “prize”, the amounts and the right concept.

Gift cards can be available on the website, which your customers can buy and use when all the craziness goes away or they can give to loved ones.

6. Offer something EXTRA to the Community

Think about the products, see what is required in the market, how you combine the products, what prices you choose and then think about campaigns to attract customers and to retain current customers.

Also, you can engage in a CSR campaign – help the elder, the doctors or the hospitals or collaborate in an existing campaign made by an NGO. Donate a percent of your product value to a cause, for example.

For more tips & tricks, follow my website – www.mihaelalemnaru.ro

If you want to be more visible this period as a business owner and you understand the importance of online marketing, seek for partnerships and support, EBW Online Membership is perfect for you! Ask for more details at mihaela.lemnaru@ebw.business!