Hello I’m Millie Cooper. Thanks for dropping by.


I have helped many small and start up businesses with branding, web design and social media guidance. My goals are to help your business build up a global presence where you stand out from the rest and connect with more successful people worldwide.


This is my story so far…


My background is in Digital event marketing, Beauty & fashion blogging,  Social media management, Web design. I am also a Magazine editor of MilliOnAir, a global abstract Artist and a Digital creative artist.


I was always one of those people who was trying new things and always looking for new opportunities, not because I had itchy feet, but because I always wanted to better myself. I even trained to become a plumber and started my own plumbing business! But that’s another story. Ask me to tell you sometime.


I have always aimed to be very successful and to be financially independent, I wanted to be able to live and work anywhere in the World, which is exactly what I do. I’m currently in London, which I love.


In the last couple of years, I have successfully sold my art worldwide, I have also been asked to donate my art to Help for Heroes, Mending Kids & Make a Wish Foundation.


I am also a business and personal branding mentor. I co-founded The Branding Initiative with Chris Windley, Kelly Ann Schiavo and Melanie Jones. We have a program that we call Brand, Presence and Monetisation. Through BPM, I help individuals and small businesses to establish a clear brand, build an online and offline presence and  grow and succeed, both face to face and online.


Please do get in touch with me. Let’s connect.