Ofelia Neagu – Psychologist/ Psychological Counsellor, Coach and Trainer

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Ofelia Neagu – Psychologist/ Psychological Counsellor, Coach and Trainer

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

― Albert Einstein

My name is Ofelia Neagu, I am a psychologist/ psychological counsellor, coach and trainer, a person with over 13 years of expertise in communication area (business and non-profit), and 8 years of expertise in coaching and training, and more recent axperience in psychology.

Coaching, training and psychological coounselling are the main directions defining me now from the professional perspective. I have the chance to combine the communication expertise with the training and coaching epertise and subsequently with psychology in my private practice. In my entire activity I am focused on results and bringing added value to the client- individual or corporate clients.

I set up my own training and consulting company- Strategic Solutions- implementing teambuilding and training programs focused on different themes and skills- sales, communication, stress management, leadership and management, change management, time management, coaching abilities for managers, etc.  In the same time, I am involved in HR consulting. The training approach is a flexible one, very adapted on the customer needs vfor every project- online and classroom training, or blended learning.

In coaching, my role is to support clients in (re)descovering their own resorces and to find the best way they can use them to achieve personal and business goals. In coaching I use a complex approach, using different techniques from NLP and family constellations, so that every client approach is unique and adapted to his needs.

I believe in human potential and this is the phylosophy I use in training and coaching to help people develop new skills in order to be more satisfied with themselves on a personal and professional level. In training and coaching I use a systemic approach, so that the solutions are fit in the entire business and personal context and sustainable.

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0744 361 314/ 0733 148 807