At this event, the participants will debate subjects like: current context of female entrepreneurship, problems that women as entrepreneur, can encounter, models of women entrepreneur, how they succeded when facing failure and also the most important instruments that female entrepreneur use to develop their business , all over the world.

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Otilia Brailoiu is a designer specialized  in wedding dresses, with a romantic and bohemian style.

With over 10 years of activity in the bridal industry, Otilia Brailoiu is present on the international market in Europe (Italy, UK), Norway, Russia, Kazakstan, China and Dubai.


otilia bratiloiu

Who am I?

I am Otilia Brailoiu, a natural and sincere woman, sensitive and courageous, with enormous love for people.

I like simple things … like the morning hugs, the agitation of the house at the beginning of the day, the sea in the corner of my house, the infinite detail of the bridal gowns, every day in the showroom surrounded by the girls I love and the beautiful people around me who, Thank God, there are a few …

Dressing brides was definitely my purpose … I have all the joy, patience, availability, emotion, the honour that they chose me, the love and the concern for each of my brides. In fact, these are the things that ennoble me and motivate me every day.


The international campaign „They Have Succeeded” is a stunt that brings together not just dozens of women speakers, but hundreds of ladies entrepreneur that are NOT VIP, that don’t have any media invented stories, but they just succeeded through hard work and ambition, said Bianca Tudor, president of  ELITE Business Women

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