Our Mission

“At EBW we want to create a globally generation of financially independent #Elite women who choose to live healthy and make a difference in their community! When you are financially independent you can invest in health, personal development, family, community, society. When women thrive, the world thrives”, Bianca Tudor, founder of EBW & EBWIF

About Bianca Tudor

She started her career from the first year of college, working in a multinational. Over time, she gained experience, discovered her managerial skills, and at the age of 22 she becomes the Director of Training and Personal Development for the Global Organization Junior Chamber International Bucharest.

The managers quickly noticed the young woman, and after advancing her as a member of the management board, in 2012 she joined a project of the European Commission – “Equality Pays Off” – carried out both in Bucharest and Vienna. After this project was successfully completed, with internationally notable results, Bianca Tudor realized that she can give confidence and courage to other women who want to enter in the business world, thus Elite Business Women was born.

At 26, Bianca was the youngest Regional Director at The Alpha Group International.

Currently Bianca already has 6 years of experience in entrepreneurship, 7 years in multinationals and she is part of the Advisory Board from Interreg Women In Business program, active in 9 countries from the Danube Region and CEO of the first investment program for women entrepreneurs in Europe launched by an SME – Elite Business Women Investment Fund, EBWIF. Marc 2020, Bianca has been appointed by World Business Angels Investment Forum as a Senator  representing Romania. 

Specializations: Business Development, Business Strategy, Personal Branding, Company Brand, Online Marketing.

Bianca Tudor


The vision of Elite Business Women is to  build an elitist entrepreneurial education company for women entrepreneurs, which will lay the foundations for an international entrepreneurial culture!

What is Elite Business Women?

Founded in 2015, Elite Business Women is an entrepreneurial education company for women; a social change entrepreneurship project.

Through the events organized by Elite Business Women, all the female entrepreneurs managed to get to know each other, to create close links that transformed EBW into an International Business Club, present in 6 cities in Romania, but also internationally in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Moldavia.

ELITE Business Women Mission

The mission of Elite Business Women is to become a valuable tool in women’s entrepreneurship, but also globally, by encouraging and mediating partnerships with other countries.

Thus, by belonging to Elite Business Women, gender equality is strengthened, entrepreneurship is promoted among women and you will facilitate the women’s access to decision-making positions.

In the Elite Business Women Club, you have the opportunity to interact with women in all fields of activity and showcase your business model.

We invite you to join us for a change in the women entrepreneurship environment!


Join EBW as a Women Entrepreneurship Ambassador

Elite Business Women initially started as a small group of women discussing in the online environment about the importance of female entrepreneurship in modern society, and in a few years this idea became the largest female entrepreneurial education company in Romania, exceeding 11,000 entrepreneurs and borders of the country.

Women have a pivotal role in transforming society by owning and managing their own businesses.

If you want to become a powerful voice of women’s social and economic change, we invite you to join us as Honorific Ambassador Elite Business Women!

This project involves business women, who want to take a step forward and leave a visible footprint in the field in which they work. What they do has a strong impact on the industry, which is why Elite Business Women comes to further amplify this power of change. Send your CV (resume) to contact@ebw.business