I’ve always had an interest in people and enjoyed listening to them. However, it amazed me to see how little people believed in themselves- even when they achieved a considerable degree of success. Most people around me didn’t dare to have big dreams. Lack of self-belief was a challenge to overcome for many and I’ve had a natural ability to encourage and inspire people to see the potential and the strength within them.  My positivity, encouragement and belief in people made me a trusted mentor amongst my friends and family, most of whom confided in me and sought my support in finding clarity and direction. This, took me to the natural path of teaching and education.


I enjoyed being a teacher, leader and a mentor in education for 16 years- 14 years in inner London schools and 2 years internationally at independent schools.

I learned and grew… I inspired, achieved and met some wonderful people along the way.

My time as a people manager enabled me to improve my own communication skills and made me look carefully into my strengths and the areas I could work on. In my roles I either led change and improvement in schools or I was a key member of teams driving change and improvement. But, I once again noticed how  lack of self -belief, lack of aspiration and lack of effective communication on an individual level transformed into organizational negativity and dysfunction.  

I began to develop a passion to help people to have meaningful work lives by becoming better communicators, having aspirations, getting results for their organisations and enjoying career success along the way. The successful results my schools had, the encouragement of colleagues who very much benefited from my coaching and mentoring, combined with a passion to serve more people took me to the path of becoming a professional coach. I completed Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate & Executive Coaching programmes with the Coaching Academy and qualified as a coach. Shortly afterwards,  Head to Inspire was born to help individuals, entrepreneurs, schools and small businesses.

I absolutely love coaching and helping people fulfill their potential.  We can all combine desire, action and focus to create success in all areas of our lives. We all have the capacity to design the lives we dream to live.

My clients vary from teachers to entrepreneurs; students to CEOs and I am fully committed to the success of each client.

Although I do most of my work individually, for bigger projects I work with other aspirational and qualified colleagues. Additionally, one of my personal goals is to make Head to Inspire a global brand improving people’s lives. So I am always open to opportunities and collaboration. I believe we are interdependent – the more we help each other, the more we grow and succeed.

If you and your organization are ready for an increase in awareness, inspiration, success and results, please get in touch to book your free consultation session.