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We believe that our mission is to contribute to health and well-being of our patients, by using all our knowledge, medical expertise, best effort and empathy.

During over 20 years of medical practice, we have learned that besides the professionalism needed to solve the health problems, there are also other elements that can make a difference in healing the patients – the ability to listen and understand the patient, to establish a relationship of trust and an individualized approach that can go from a correct prevention to an inter-disciplinary collaboration, when needed.

We would like you to consider us more than your personal doctors, we are striving to become for you a real “alarm clock”, like the alarm that is waking you every morning! This “alarm clock” has as goal to permanently remind you that you cannot take your health for granted and hope for the best. Fulfilling all your dreams and plans – business and personal ones, has a prerequisite a good health, so you have to take care of your health, as a daily routine.

We understand the importance of an integrated approach of the patient as a complex system, so, we can offer at our clinic a multi-disciplinary approach.

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Dr. Elena Ucenic – Gynecologyst & Obstetrician

                        Nutrition – Metabolic Balance Coach

Dr. Mircea Ucenic – General Surgeon

Nutrition – Metabolic Balance Coach

Dr. Mutiu Irina – Pediatrician

Dr. Dutu Silvana – Dermatologist

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In addition, we offer EBW members a 10% discount on all clinic services.      

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0770 967797