I am Graduated in International law and always passionate about contracts and different culture, I could only combine business with pleasure!

Due to a contract to sign, I flew to Dubai in 2013 and decided that my work would develop in the Persian Gulf.

In 2017 I founded, with Dr. Francesco Regola, “ABO -Around Business Opportunity”company,  based in Cittadella,Padova, Italy.

I am responsible for the internationalization sector.


ABO therefore takes over the Dubai office and opens a foothold in Doha the following year.

With our local Italian contacts we cover, in addition to the 7 Emirates, also Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, in addition to India.

We can also take care of other Markets in collaboration with our Partners on site (by way of example: Mexico, America, Venezuela, Canada, China)


“ABO” deals with introducing the products of the companies mainly in the markets of the Gulf area, without prejudice to the market demands themselves.

My background has led me to gain experience in various sectors from food to wine, interior, through cosmetics, medical, fashion.

What distinguishes my services: are the multiform methodologies and the “tailored” analyzes of the different realities that are presented to us.

Export can be seen in two ways: a trivial hit and run or a well-defined plan for placing products on the market, with a long-term business perspective.

We assume that all Italian or international SMEs can internationalize. 


Yes, even the Micro!


If the Italian or international company is small or micro, it would be better if it tackles internationalization together with other companies through the establishment of a network of companies, even temporary.

In this way, the plan for exporting the product could be even more complete and with greater chances of success for the project.


To create a sartorial internationalization plan for the company, we start with an in-depth knowledge of the company itself:

– Company Check Up

– Market analysis

– Key points of the Export strategy

– Definition of the operational and development plan

– Strategic operational plan development


I am Partner of the Italian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates, of the International Chamber of Commerce of the Italian headquarters and of AssoRetiPMI.

I thank Bianca and Liliana for the affiliation to Elite Business Woman and Elite Business Club Italy  and I wish everyone a good job.


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