Raluca Filip – By Choice Consultancy

Whilst in university I discovered a passion for capital markets and investments in general and this pushed me to spend most of my time in the library seeking to learn as much as possible about this. I soon started my career as an equity analyst and since then I accumulated experience in both private and public company valuation as I  worked with investment firms and consultancy companies in Malta and Romania. I have also taken positions as a fund manager, risk manager and an economist as I sought to diversify my skills to be better prepared for understanding and advising companies.  Indeed, I believe that business management requires a wide variety of skills  and, in this vein, I also felt the urge to better understand the human mind; this brought me to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which helps in addressing many challenges related to leadership, innovation, customer engagement and staff retention (to name a few).

At the moment, I am looking to bridge the gap between  growth objective setting and execution by combining my financial expertise with NLP tools that help companies grow sustainably. For me this means growth that is concurrently:
1. customer centric
2. teams oriented
3. results oriented
I believe that there needs to be increasing acknowledgement around the fact that entrepreneurship is not a zero sum game and a move away from shareholders value maximisation and towards stakeholder value maximisation.  I am hence promoting vision driven entrepreneurship which empowers teams and creates value for customers; to facilitate this I am approaching growth holistically:
  • My experience in investments, financial analysis and risk management allows me to look at numbers to find  and quantify  growth opportunities.
  • My  knowhow in NLP empowers companies to meet their objectives; here there are very different applications such as: improving the sales conversion ratio, motivating staff in a way that really yields results,  (prospective) client interviews, defining the company’s vision, facilitating innovative thinking,  setting objectives that inspire team members, change management, building the right team, improving customer satisfaction, minimising staff turnover etc
To sum up, I am combining a top-down approach with a bottom up approach as I team up with goal getters and goal setters to minimise growth execution risks.
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