Raluca Radu is Country manager Answear.ro & Founder MTH Digital. Read our exclusive interview with her.

We are living in unprecedented times – what does the ‘New World’ look like to you and how are you working on changing the future?

I personally don’t believe in a “new world” that is different from the “old world” and that is here to stay. I think we had to adapt to the pandemic and we are now living under new circumstances but I see it as a temporary state. When the world goes back to normal, we will come back to our former reality, but there will probably be some changes and habits we acquire during the pandemic.

For example, I think that digital transformation has become a reality during the pandemic for many companies who were late in implementing some of the changes: e-commerce has grown, remote online meetings and online collaboration tools have become the norm and I think all these digital changes that are actually enhancing our day to day lives are here to stay. However, I believe a large part of life as we used to know it will come back to normal. In my opinion, the pandemic has only accelerated the digital revolution, it has not completely changed the world for good.

What is your main business focus now and are you working towards always keeping it at the core of what you do?

My main business focus is to grow the e-commerce and digital marketing adoption and to educate businesses as far as online marketing is concerned. I am involved in several training and mentoring programs and I am open to any opportunity that helps me contribute to this education and to communicating about the impact of e-commerce in today’s business world.

Because of this, I am also involved as a speaker and trainer whenever I get the chance because my focus is to promote e-commerce and digital marketing.

What defines you as an entrepreneur and as a leader?

As a leader, I believe my main task is to find team members that are aligned with our mission and values and that have a passion for what we are doing and building together. After I have the right people on board, I believe in challenging them, getting them out of their comfort zone and empowering them towards constant self-development.

I think life is a beautiful journey and it is very important to enjoy the company we keep, what we do, our purpose and to live fully. Your professional role is part of this beautiful journey and one’s mission must be aligned with it. As an entrepreneur, I think my mission is to contribute to the growth of businesses, brands and professionals whose mission is to add value to the world around them.

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