Sissi Francesca Pugnetti – Elite Ambassador Como – Varese

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Sissi Francesca Pugnetti – Elite Ambassador Como – Varese

Elite Business Club Italy @elitebusinessclubitaly


My name is Sissi Francesca Pugnetti, I am from Como  and I am in charge of the technical-artistic direction of the family business, GP Maglificio,  that has been working in knitwear for 75 years as a “luxury contractor” for large and small global Brands. My education is technical-humanistic, I am an Architect and Counselor.

My professional figure is rather rare, I would define myself as a Creative Technician, the one who becomes the communicative interface between the Stylist and the Technical Programmer, who usually use completely different languages and don’t understand each other.

I work  like CSR Manager (Corporate Social Responsibility) for Punto Alto, new born Brand of high quality clothing, with the utmost priority to “fit and fashion” content, with total attention to sustainability, using vegetable, mineral and animal fibers that respect people, animals and the planet.

I have been working for ten years as an international Senior Advisor for knitwear for EBRD , an organization that helps companies in Eastern countries both financially and through expert advice. I worked in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia where I am still working.

 My mission is to bring Innovation, not only from the point of restructuring the plant which is often already adequate, but to change the approach to the knitwear product and the market, to stimulate awareness on raw materials, on chemical treatments and on human resources safeguarding their culture, through training for managers and workers.


Francesca Sissi Pugnetti 

Professional International Consulting for knitwear industries