Skin MedSpa

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1. How would you present yourself, in an ample sentence (3rd person, including Surname, forename and position)?

Before creating the concept of SKiN and owning two successful clinics in Bucharest and Corbeanca, Alin Radu, founder of SKiN MedSpa, has worked in the automotive industry. The idea has come after hearing often his wife complaining of the shortfalls of certain similar clinics, of which she has been a loyal client for many years.

Thus, he has become aware that there is an uncovered need, that many women need services to make them feel better in their skin and that, including men, use treatments to get rid of a hang-up or to treat various problems. He has seen that many of those present on the market do not invest at all in their staff, in quality equipments and products, that they do not discuss enough with their clients and that they have limited opening hours. A large percentage of these have been centralized in the northern area of the capital city, where it is difficult to go and park, due to the lack of parking spots.

Upon the opening of the first clinic, in April 2018, they have been the first ones to serve many areas completely neglected by the beauty clinics, and namely, Drumul Taberei, Ghencea, Militari. Now, they have clients from all the areas of Bucharest, including the limitrophe areas, province and Diaspora.

SKiN MedSpa has had from the beginning another type of approach and promotion, more client-oriented. During these 4 fours, Alin and his team have succeeded in convincing more than 12 600 clients to come to the SKiN clinics and to obtain more than 500 positive feedbacks.

He recognizes that the experience in the automotive industry, extremely competitive, has been very useful in this activity. The consulting sales area, for example, which he has brought to the clinic, has been a real “game changer”, because it has helped his business to gain the trust of clients, who benefit of free advice offered by medical consultants, to choose what it is really suitable for their needs.


  1. Describe or define your activity!

The activity of the SKiN team means that, every day, 363 days per year, they make efforts constantly to observe the promise, that of transforming the life of each client to the better. And this does not refer only to the treatment itself. There is a huge caution concerning the cleaning of SKiN clinics, which must be flawless. Protocols are established with the staff, who take care that nothing is missing, that everything is sanitized and safe for the clients and, also, prepared before each session of treatment. Our clients are busy persons, and their free time is extremely precious, therefore, we treat it as such.

The managers of the clinics begin their morning with a short meeting with the staff, so everyone knows very well what they have to do and they are motivated to treat excellently each client. Also, they discuss with the physicians from the SKiN team, who are informed before each appointment about the problems and requests from the patients, they answer permanently at the phone and they make appointments.

Since the beginning training and evaluation session have existed for the SKiN staff. Now, trainings take place at least once a month with specialized trainers from the manufacturers of equipments or products, but also with foreign specialists, who teach and evaluate the skills of each member of the SKiN team, who apply the treatments.

Because trust is gained by feedback and transparency, we verify often the quality. Clients are called by us, improvement recommendations are gathered and implemented. For example, we have introduced the area of dermatological treatments upon their request. Mothers who have been taking care of their skin in the SKiN clinics have come with their teenage children sick of acne, after many unsuccessful attempts to remedy the problem and they have asked for our help.

A constant preoccupation has existed from our founders to bring new technologies, products and devices, therefore the research area of market trends and novelties from the field of beauty and medical technologies never stops.

Our activity is like a car which we customize, take care and drive to obtain better performances. Clients do not really perceive the work, but they appreciate that we are always available for them and that often we make the impossible possible for them.



  1. What is the story of your career or business?

The story of SKiN has been always related to the standards which I have had in the interaction with various services of Romania. I have seen a lot of good concepts on paper which have failed in practice and I have seen how the lack of opening towards the clients has limited the opportunities. You can never get comfortable, and the Romanian consumers are more and more educated and have the right and demand to quality services.

Many acquaintances have told us that no one will come to us because we are not based where celebrities and paparazzi are, and that the type of clients of beauty shops is a superficial one or with activities at legal limit. This is false! I have trusted the concept, I have had a clear direction and we have managing director of some important companies, employees and freelancers, online and TV celebrities and retired grandmothers as clients, who come for our facial treatments because the prices at SKiN are friendly for any budget. Also, families with children and babies come for dermatology.

I think that I have succeeded in developing beautifully and because we have invested constantly in the best devices on the market. We are the only ones from Romania who have, at the same place, the high – end medical devices, meaning that top, premium, most expensive and most efficient devices. We do not have replicated devices which are not safe and we do not buy equipments if we do not have specialized trainers, complete information, clinical studies and proved results.

Also, we have wanted to offer an excellent quality – price report and we have a low trade markup. For example, the price of a laser facial treatment is 500 RON at SKiN, and at other clinics which use the same device is 500 euros.

In conclusion, we are trying to create in the SKiN clinics an area where anyone feels good, is treated good and, mainly, where the clients obtain the promised results at the right price.


  1. What have been your visions in the childhood / teenage years and which are these now?

I would have never thought 10 years ago that I would work in the beauty industry. But I have always been passionate of technology and cars and I believe that all the technical skills which have I acquired have been useful. So you understand, we succeed in customizing the medical equipments, taking into account the Skin clients’ needs and we look at dozens of pages of technical and medical documentation before taking a decision. The experience acquired during the years in the automotive industry have made my life easier.

I have had the luck of some elegant feminine examples in my life, who have always taken care of them, therefore I have learnt that many times, women have different needs than men and that it is nothing wrong with it. I am not really sure about it now, because I have a son and a daughter and I see how much the fact that they do not suffer of pimples has contributed to their self-esteem. I think that men should take care of them too. I have had colleagues who have treated old scars and alopecia at SKiN, therefore there are treatments which function and which have an extraordinary positive impact on the wellbeing, no matter if you are woman or man.


  1. Please tell us about a positive experience / event and a negative one related to your activity!

I have hundreds of positive stories, with persons who have come to SKiN suffering of various diseases for many years and who have transformed from some anxious, shy persons who have been hiding willingly or involuntarily their unique beauty in smiling, happy and more confident persons. I would not forget the example of an exceptional young lady, who wanted to become stewardess. She has been suffering of some hormonal disorders and she has had visible black hair, accompanied by a virulent acne. She was desperate, because she almost finished her courses and she was more than ready, but she could not go like that at the final interview. She was shaving herself because, due to the pimples, she could not use wax.

She begun with a laser hair removal treatment and a dermatological treatment, parallel with a treatment recommended by the endocrinologist, and the results were incredible in a few months. I have figured out that the treatments from SKiN have changed her life, have opened her road to the career which she has wanted and our satisfaction has been incredible. There are many persons and memorable stories. Another positive example is the one of a lady who has told us that she does not want any more to be asked why she is sad. After treating the wrinkles with Botox, she told us that she got rid of those questions.

Of course, that there are unpleasant situations too, because it is hard to please everyone, even when you try to do it.

Many discussions occur because of what is promised versus the reality. One of the things which recommend us is that we do not fool our clients, even with the risk of losing them. For example, we have had a discussion with a happy client after 2 sessions of laser hair removal, who has begun to have doubts when he has seen a beauty shop which has promised final result in less than 5 sessions. The beauty shop was promoting itself saying that it had a high-power laser which, actually, had a lower power than any of the equipments which we had in our clinic.

Even when you choose the strongest laser for hair removal from the world, available in our clinics, you need at least minimum 6 sessions. Until we have clarified the situations, because she has not told us from where this disbelief has started, we have had a discussion in which we have been accused harshly and sometimes discouraging and you have the impression that you fight in vain. And such situations occur frequently.

Another example is related to a message received in the social media, from a lady who has asked us if we have a facial treatment which does not involve needles, but which will rejuvenate her with at least 20 years, and the result will be permanent. We have told her that no such treatment has been invented until now and that not even the surgical facial lifting has permanent results and she has accused us that we want to rob her, before even recommending something to her. You know that this lady is the perfect victim of those who sell creams or magic treatments and it is sad because she will believe in the end that nothing will have results, but, mainly, she will be sad that nothing will refresh her appearance.


  1. What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning or hesitant?

My opinion is that if you have doubts, you better do not begin. You have to believe in your project, because you will hear many opinions from the outside and inside voices which will try to discourage and influence you, mainly when things do not go according to your plans.

You must prepare a solid action plan, which you will implement step by step, testing different directions and you will see what functions well. Success comes when you do not copy, when you find your personal niche and when you try to be better than your competitors.

  1. Please offer a personal definition for the society, business and careers of Romania!

There are many opportunities, as well as obstacles in Romania. It is hard to succeed and sometimes you feel that by being honest you have something to lose, but long – time, prepared people and serious businesses succeed, even though nobody helps: the state, the inflexible conditions, the financial conditions, the personal knowledges and the economy. You always have to help yourself in Romania!