Education is like a second sun for those who have it. – Heraclites of Efes

My name is Sorina Enăchiuc and I am a vocational and educational consultant for the Romanian youth. With an experience of over 20 years in human resources and with a professional training that covers consultancy, operational management and employer branding, I am looking to unify the Romanian business domain with the pupils and students that find themselves at the beginning of their path.

This purpose is furthered through the HighEdu company. I created it six years ago starting from the wish that each of these young people to discover their path and to follow their passion by choosing the right education for themselves. Together with the team of HighEdu, we offer a professional perspective to vocational consultancy in Romania.

My mission, implicitly also the HighEdu team’s mission, is to contribute to the education of both Romanian young people and adults, helping them to keep up with the dynamics of the labour market, informational explosion and the quick changes that are part of the contemporary world.

After five years of activity, the results are yet to disappear. We established contacts with more than 2.500 educational institutes- both Romanian and worldwide prestigious schools and universities-, we are members of International Educational Associations  and we are constant participants in the biggest events in our domain.

Our services are personalised and based on one-to-one consultancy. We are offering information, mentorship and training, depending on the needs of our students.  No matter if they choose to study in Europe, USA, Australia or Romania, our goal is that the profile chosen by the student to be a 100% match with their natural talents, passions and aptitudes. The HighEdu consultancy methodology finds its bases in the Career Orientation service through which the costumers are guided and supported in building a Career Plan, an Action Plan and to map the path to learning and personal growth.

As part of the HighEdu brand, we developed e-HighEdu Academy, an online learning space where we offer personal development courses and we help young people to better the skills that are needed for the new stage represented by the student life.   

Before HighEdu, I gathered, in my professional life, multiple expertise. Through which I count those in international and local projects regarding human resources, development projects for multinational top companies from domains like utilities, petrol and gases, financial services, retail, production, professional services.

At the same time, I am Managing Partner in the MSN Business Consulting deals with recruiting, training and development, analysis and redesign for the human resources, organisational culture diagnosis, reorganisation and restructuring, performance management and comp&ben systems, the evaluation of competent for corporations.

The two companies in which I am active in complete each other and create the perfect context for the next wonderful generations, and wonderful people in general, to have a successful career and a fulfilling life.

If you feel like we can collaborate and that my mission resonates with yours or that of your business, you can contact me at the phone number: 0729 600 287, e-mail: or you can visit our website: .    

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