Stefania Tudorache – The Magic Points

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Stefania Tudorache – The Magic Points

Stefania Tudorache – The Magic Points

TUDORACHE STEFANIA P.F.A. was founded in August 2018, having as its main activity the creation of books for children.


  • To guide the child to reading by creating bibliographical means in accordance with the specific activity of childhood period – THE GAME: Their memory, attention, power of concentration and their capacity to assimilate some minimal knowledge about environment, all of these will develop;
  • To encourage the children to try a myriad of combinations of geometrical lines and shapes in order to sketch things/creatures from the environment, therefore developing their sense of observation, creativity, skill and their sense of aesthetics;
  • To answer to the child’s need of having their parents as playmates and spend some quality time together;
  • To present poems/stories with interactive texts, specific to their age level of 3-6-7 years, which should motivate children to read/memorize/draw/play.
  • To satisfy the child’s need of affection;
  • To satisfy their need of being appreciated by offering a positive feed-back from the adults.

THE START of our projects was given by ,,Magia Punctelor’’/’The Magic Points”, the first book of interactive poems for children, which was designed as a result of identifying a generation of children that have other expectations from the adults and also after identifying the thematic necessity in the bibliography for children.

,,Magia Punctelor/The Magic Points” is an unique book, both by the presence of some interactive lyrics and  mostly approaching novel themes, and also through the existence of some customized poems and one of a poem with complex interactivity (the adult reads, the child draws what he/she hears, simultaneous activity, in pairs, activities of recitation, mimic and body language).

You are welcomed to relax while reading the kids some lyrics that might get you closer to the most beautiful years of childhood, full of innocence, joy, years spent next to parents and grandparents.

For more details about how you can buy the book:

Mobile number: 0726339793

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