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Often neglected or overlooked by companies, the health and safety activities come into notice only when a control or, worse, an accident occurs. Unfortunately, the controls may have a negative impact, as financial penalties, if the safe system of work is not updated or complete, but the accidents have much more serious consequences and may sometimes lead to hospitalization or tragic fatalities. That is why I would like to present to you today what the safety system of work entails.

The safety system of work is a set of procedures and measures that, by putting them into practice, creates a safe workplace for employees, contractors and third parties (visitors, authorities or members of the public).

It consists of the following procedures, adapted according to the specific of the workplace. In this case I have included those procedures for activities in productive or construction fields, not just office:

  1. Procedure for permit to work system.
  2. Working procedures for simultaneous operations (SIMOPS).
  3. Working at height procedures.
  4. Procedures for lifting operations.
  5. Procedures for using the personal protective equipment.
  6. Procedures for traffic control on locations (pedestrian and car).
  7. Access control procedures.
  8. Procedure for controlling the contractor’s activities on locations.

Besides these procedures, others should be developed depending on the nature of the activities carried out within the business units.

Any company carrying on complex activities (production, construction, material processing, etc.) has to implement this set of procedures according to the specific activities.

But for the proper implementation of these procedures, as in any area where we want performance, training is needed. This can be achieved by involving the managers of the companies and the work place managers in a training process for the implementation of the safe system of work. Also the employees directly involved in the work activities will be engaged, being helped to implement and improve the safe system of work.

All problems / misunderstandings / needs that arise during the implementation process will be discussed and solved together with the management team and the employees’ representatives.

This system once implemented does not mean that it is frozen. As the staff is in a permanent fluctuation or the activities change as the company develops, the system must be updated periodically. This is done through regular audits, to be able to verify the way it is used and to determine the existence of gaps between the provisions of the procedures and their implementation depending on the present situation.

The purpose of implementing this system is very important, as mentioned at the beginning. It is not just a formality. It may seem so to many people, but the implications are major, even vital: reducing the number of incidents / accidents and dangerous situations created in the workplace by partially eliminating the risks existing at the workplace or implementing measures to reduce the probability of their occurrence.

We save some more useful information for a future post.

Until then do not hesitate to call our specialists.

We wish you a Safe work place and without incident!

Madalina Cotorogea

Business developer