“They Have Succeeded!” – Business Conference By Elite Business Women At Constanta

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“They Have Succeeded!” – Business Conference By Elite Business Women At Constanta



Tuesday 21st July, “They Have Succeeded!” business conference took place at Constanta and was organized by Elite Business Women with support from partners and sponsors. The event was dedicated to women entrepreneurs and aimed at bringing together women in business to share their business models, positive and negative experiences, to motivate and help each other.

The event had over 150 participants, 13 speakers and took place at Iaki hotel in Mamaia. Women entrepreneurs came from different backgrounds: from tourism to medicine, to beauty.

Elite Business Women was founded by Bianca Tudor, whose intention is to create a strong community of female entrepreneurs, where ladies network, learn from each other, inspire each other and support each other.

I would like to share with you photos from “They have succeeded!” business conference, Constanta edition:

Bianca Tudor, founder and owner Elite Business Women:


Indira Abdulvoap, who brought RawBite brand in Romania:


BCR (The Romanian Commercial Bank) supported “They have succeeded!” business conference. Below photo features Oana Stan, brand manager of Techir, producer of cosmetics.


Coffee break. In the center, Bianca Tudor:


Jewelry from Atelier Éclat Pékin:


“They have succeeded!” Constanța was supported by following parteners: Hotel Iaki, Techir, COATL Constanta, MAXIM, KoolMedia, The House PR Agency, Business Woman, Proud to be Romanian, Networkability, eJOBS, Cariere Magazine. The main sponsors of the event: Mrini Eye Hospital, BCR, Sian Image Media.

Photo credit: 101stiri.ro, Gratiela Gheorghe Caragiu, Fractal NewMedia.