Tora Miklosi, Owner Kitchen Tailors – The pandemic gets us out of our comfort zone – be smart, embrace the change!

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Tora Miklosi, Owner Kitchen Tailors – The pandemic gets us out of our comfort zone – be smart, embrace the change!

My name is Tora Miklosi and I am founder and owner of Kitchen Tailors – Sibiu.

Kitchen Tailors is a concept showroom for German kitchen furniture, the place where those who arrange or rearrange their home get to live a totally different experience in making choices for the kitchen.

What does a totally different experience mean from our point of view? Things are easy: you come to us with the house plan, we make ourselves comfortable and have a coffee (during this times we have a phone discussion) and you tell us about your family’s lifestyle, what’s enchanting your senses, what gives you that cosy feeling that means Home, and us, guided by the information we get, we make sure that we tailor the kitchen accordingly to your very own values.

I strongly believe that the heart of the home can be designed only from the heart, and we do for this, starting with the first contact, ending with the last adjustments, it’s done soulful and fully involved.

Because we live challenging times, we adapt to the changes. Launching the website became number one priority and we brainstorm ourselves for new procedures, working at distance and having a good digital communication  – a beautiful perspective for us, that to be able to work with customers all over the country.

An economical crisis it’s nothing more that a challenge to inspiration and growth, and us, the Kitchen Tailors, we believe this is a good moment to get out of the comfort zone and reinvent ourselves! Digital tools like WhatsApp Video Call, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, even Team Viewer are few of the little help we all need now, no matter the domain we activate in.

A well defined online image, a mission expressed and a market position according to the context, are the things every entrepreneur should have in mind during these hard times. The avatar of the customer helps you find a strategic communication and marketing should come in front of sales, in a time when getting in contact with the customer is more difficult than closing the sale.

The message I want to transmit to all entrepreneurs is that during these times there are three most important things: slow down in order to protect yourself and the community, don’t stop, because if you stop now, it will be harder to relaunch your business afterwards and stay focus on reinventing yourself!

Tora Miklosi

Your Kitchen Tailor

You can find us on,

Email: / or by phone: +40 724 769 744!

Stay safe! Stay connected! Stay positive!