Translation Club – We talk your language

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Translation Club – We talk your language

The translation is the one that changes everything to not change anything,  says Günter Grass  the winner of Nobel prize for literature. Well…after this principle we, CLUBUL DE TRADUCERI, also guide. We started as translators of English Language, and our Office from Drumul Taberei area was founded following an increasing request  of quality translations and professional interpreting services. From the very beginning, our team worked hard to satisfy  and  even to exceed our customers expectations. It tooks a huge work and long nights, of great sacrifices and a trustworthy team which should obtain the gratitude and appreciation of over 1.000 customers. Among them are counting: Belgian real estate developer – Warehouses De Pauw, the water park – Divertiland, the specialized company in plant and animal nutrition – Timac Argo, electronic microscopy provider SEM, FIB-SEM, PVD and plasma – NanoSystems MC, Intertrade, Guarantee Fund of the Insurants, Quality Bussines Solutions, Graffiti PR and so on.

Over time we have identified our own principle: “Perfection lies in details.”

For this reason, the translations performed in the CLUB are executed and reviewed by translators authorized by the Ministry of Justice with different specializations, from the legal, economic, financial, to medical area. Now you can stay calm because your translations are on the hands of experts, including teachers, even doctors. J

Whether we are translating the necessary documents for a future hiringabroad, or we are intermediating transactions, we open the way to new agreements.

Thus, besides translations to us, you can also benefit from interpreting services in over 28 languages that bring added value to your business.

Having an interpreter at a business meeting can prove to be a huge asset when discussing the prospects of the business you are leading.

So when is it properly to have an interpreter? When dealing with customers of another nationality, a language barrier may appear in your communication. Well, in order not to have difficulty in telling your point of view, and to conclude agreements under the desired terms, we suggest that you use our interpreting services.

Our mission?

To ensure successful execution of each project we are managing.

Why us? Our policy is to respond effectively to all our customer needs by offering quality translation and interpretation services and to solve possible identified problems as efficiently as possible.

We are your key to success!