Trestiana beauty salon

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Trestiana beauty salon

How have we got from promotional materials and medical supplies to having a Beauty Salon in Bucharest.

It is said that “beauty comes from the heart”…

Sure, a beautiful soul will be reflected in the external beauty, but I and my team from Trestiana beauty salon, we believe that the soul we put at the service of the beauty of our clients is an equally important contribution…

From here our desire that “beauty from head to … to the soul”, be the words that accompany you every time you cross our threshold.

And we must say that for us beauty is not “a concept” but a state.

If taking care of your body is important, we also believe that your soul and your psyche are important, your overall well-being.

The working day often lasts 9 or 10 hours, the weekend is too short to get to enjoy a time just for yourself … life goes over us and often, looking behind us we wonder … “what have we done with the past … years?”

We have chosen as partners in this business two number 1 brands – Guinot Frantaand Gerovital Romania for cosmetics and body, and for hair care Wella, Bevisible, and more recently Kevin Murphy.

I place a special emphasis on the professional training of beauticians to become experts in skin and body care, because I believe that personalized treatments make the difference, and the diversity of the Guinot and Gerovital treatments depending on the beauty and skin type goals lead to visible and lasting results.

Trestiana wants to restore the beauty of every woman through exclusive and innovative treatments from Guinot and Gerovital.

Customer opinions are of crucial importance, they are the key to developing successful individualized programs and even the inspiration for new product or service offerings. In a way, these opinions set the success criteria for the business.

In order to have access to such deeper and richer opinions, it is necessary to find a framework in which clients can express the criteria of value and efficiency that they take into account when evaluating services or products.

The customer experience, whichwe at Trestiana place highprices on, is more comprehensive and relevant than the quality of the products and / or services.

That is why a holistic / integrated approach of all the elements that compete with a good customer experience is necessary – environment, personal friendliness, operability, space arrangement, comfort.

Once you have passed in “Trestiana” we hope you would stay with us, to discover together how each day can bring us closer to our ideals, our dreams, our achievements!