VivaCoco Coconut Oil, a Genie in a Bottle?!

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VivaCoco Coconut Oil, a Genie in a Bottle?!

Unlike many girls with dreams and aspirations of becoming a Lawyer or a Doctor when they grew up, Sabina Tănasă had always wanted to become a Business Woman. Yes, a Business Woman and although it may sound funny, her dreamseventually came true. Little did she know that she was channelling her inner Entrepreneur even at a very tender age.

One of the products she is most proud of is her VivaCoco Coconut Oil. This is not only due to its purity and beneficial effects, which are apparent in various ways, but due to its versatility, too. It is true that this product comes in one bottle, just like a genie, tending to your needs and wishes,and italso has many different personalities.

Whether you’re a busy, modern, business woman rushing from one place to the next, a mother-to-be facing all the madness and magic of motherhood or a blogger with a great social life, our VivaCoco Coconut Oil will seduce you into only having eyes for this multidimensional, exquisite product.

Dare only imagine having to search for one product instead of ten, having to pay for one product instead of ten,  having to carry only one product instead of ten and now dare imagine that this particular, one product not only works for all your desires, but it is also 100% natural and extremely beneficial for you and your loved ones! Coconut holds great, powerful magic; it is a pure island treasure. It works wonders for your skin, body, hair and diet. It has been used throughout the ages in many different practices. For centuries, people have given their gratitude to the earth for this amazing gift it produces.

In broad terms, coconut oil is super healthy for you, but Sabina realized that everyone was basically using the oil from the cooking isle of the grocery store.  She did this, too, however, the quality wasjust not there. It felt like she was slathering herself with Vaseline. It was so thick, gritty and it would simply refuse to be absorbed by her skin.  She told herself, there had to be something way better than that.  So after researching, sampling,testing, she came across THIS coconut oil from India. The PUREST quality, perfect for beauty-related use.  You may wonder what makes this coconut oil clearly stand out from other similar products? It all starts from the purity and thorough extraction process itself, the organic farm where it  is harvested from and also, of course, the fact that it is manufactured from highly superior, small batches of coconut. Therefore, Sabina decided to market and to raise awareness among her customers regarding the various coconut oils and the purity thereof and especially regarding the reasons why hers would be best for any beauty-related use.

Given the high-quality product it is and the great results everyone who chooses it is getting, our team takes pride in witnessing that the VivaCoco Coconut Oil has received some pretty awesome feedback and a whole lot of rave reviews!

Viva Coco is best associated with the premium quality of coconut products. The motto we use at VivaCoco  is: “nature at its best, in its purest form, right into your household”.