What can we wear at the office?

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What can we wear at the office?

What can we wear at the office?

Generally, every office job requires a dress code every day.

Only on Friday in some companies, we can wear casual outfits.

So, every one of you who has an office job, have to prepare the appropriate clothing every morning.

Most of the time, the outfit is the element that gives you a feeling of satisfaction, so a nice outfit can make your day at work perfect.

We talk frequently about jobs, but much less we talk about appropriate office style, so I thought it was an important topic to debate…

Having a beautiful office outfit is important to take into account some details and to understand how you can build creative outfits.

It is very important to look at the whole outfit and to understand if the final version is stylistically correct.

So, we are debatetogether some outfits for the office:

  1. The pleated skirt.

We wore all summer the pleated skirt and, in the autumn, we continued to wear it with a simple white T-shirt or an office shirt.

  1. The office suits. The beige color is the new black for the office outfit. I really like the idea of ​​giving up black in favor of this beige color….so my recommendation for you is a beige office suit. It looks very pretty on an office girl.
  2. Office dress in a special color … my choice is the serenity color.

I hope I convinced you to give up your daily office uniform….

See you soon!

Andreea Details – a style agency specialized to provide styling consultancy for professionals and people from company that sustain presentations/speeches.

If you want a style advice, write me an email at andreeadetails@yahoo.com