Why choosing a HR monthly subscription?

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Why choosing a HR monthly subscription?

You need employees for your team, but you can’t find them because no one responds to your job offers. Or you posted a job ad and dozens of candidates have already answered but you don’t know how to select them, and moreover, you realize that very few meet your requirements. Or even you may have already found someone, but he or she resigns only a few months after being hired.

Why are we talking about all these situations? Because you certainly faced them, especially if you are an entrepreneur or have a small business in development. You dream big and work even harder. But for achieving the success you wish for, you need to recruit the best employee and learn how to integrate and encourage their productivity. This is why you need to have human resources specialists helping you to effectively communicate and work with your employees.

What kind of HR services do you need?

In order to grow your business, you need specialists that help you find the best people for your team and create the most efficient process to communicate, integrate and keep them happy.

But in the same time you need to optimize the costs you pay for all these services. This is why for start-ups or growing companies it is recommended to work with an experienced HR firm which can:

  • support management teams on the evaluation process
  • develop salary grids for each position correlated with the objective management system
  • measure employees satisfaction
  • assist in the recruitment process
  • increase employee retention
  • create induction procedures for new employees
  • develop procedures and rules for internal communication

Why using a monthly subscription for your HR services?

When you are at the beginning of your journey all you have to focus on is developing your business. And for that it is important to receive all the support you need. Therefore, our recommendation is to collaborate with a human resources firm, using a monthly subscription to cover all the services you need.

Why using this solution? Here are three reasons:

  1. You need a human resources management system specially tailored to the needs of your constantly developing company.
  2. On the other hand, you need a low cost, while keeping the expertise of a team of consultants with extensive individual experience in Human Resources Management.
  3. And finally, you need to be sure that you work with a team who has experience in similar processes to those you need for your company. You need people who can advise you thanks to an experience gained in important organizations that have successfully overcome crisis management or conflict management.

Are you convinced we are the partner for your business with a reliable HR partner? Or do you need more information? Please contact us @ we do HR. Let’s build together!