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We hear on and on about ” waste management”, but I noticed that these notions sometimes need additional explanations. For this reason, I believe that an article explaining the legal duties, the complexity of activities involved and the importance of a fair implementation to this end is necessary and very useful.

Why the right management of waste is very important?

The law in the area of waste management is very complex and needs specific knowledge and the fair waste management is very important and helps with the protection of environment, health and security of population. In terms of your company, the benefits are the following: the confirmation with the law in force, avoiding the fines, decreasing the expenses, increasing the company’s reputation by creating an image of a green company and so on.

Waste management represents all the activities conducted, from generating/ producing waste until their recycling or disposal, if applicable. To put it in another way, it includes the way in which your company collects, transports, processes, recycles and disposal waste.

The liability for the waste management belongs to the waste producer or, if applicable, to any waste holder.

Which are the activities involved in waste management and why is it important to turn to the services of an expert?

In my area of practice, one of the first steps in the waste management activity is examining the environmental permit held by the company, because this regulation document indicates the duties in this end. Hereafter, it is necessary to conduct a waste audit, process by which the sources of waste can be determined, the types and quantities of generated waste and proper solutions can be identified. The conduct of the waste audit is a duty of all economic operators conducting a commercial/ industrial activity (mentioned in Law 211/2011 on the waste regime) according to which, it is put in place and implemented a program to prevent and reduce the quantity of generated waste from one’s activity or, if applicable, from any manufactured product (including measures which comply with a certain design of products and measures to decrease the danger level of the waste).

In case of waste which can be dangerous because of the origin or the composition, it is mandatory to conduct certificates of analysis and to mention their characteristics (the certificates of analysis shall be sent, upon request, to the authorities in charge of the environment protection).

After completing these phases, the following activities shall be conducted: codification of each type of identified waste; establishing and sizing the infrastructure for the selective collection of waste; concluding collection contracts; drafting transport documents for each hand over of waste; drafting the monthly registry of the waste management; making the monthly inventory of all dangerous substances/ issues and their packaging; identification of duties towards the Environment Fund for packaging/ oils/tires/ electrical and electronic equipment/ batteries/ substances dangerous for the environment places on the national market and so on; monitoring the environmental factors such as water, air, earth by conducting measurements with monthly/biannual/ annual frequency, if applicable; monitoring the implementation of measures established and the fulfilment of objectives established in the Program of prevention and cutting off the waste quantities; drafting the annual inventory of solvents (for activities where solvents are used), the Plan about the prevention and fighting the accidental pollution; drafting and transmitting quarterly/biannual/ annual reports- if applicable.

As I said, the area of waste management involves complex activities and special skills. That is why, irrespective of the specificity of the company and the size, it is indicated that the waste management be done by an expert, with the necessary experience and expertise.

Georgiana Voinea

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For 7 years I have been an Expert in Environment Services and Waste Management, with over 250 happy clients, for which I had a success rate of 100% in avoiding the fines and obtaining the environment permits, licenses and agreements, in a very short while. 

I can help you also with the fulfillment of all duties mentioned in the law: management of dangerous/ non-dangerous waste, management of wrapping on the national market, management of dangerous substances, monitoring the environment factors, biannual and/ or annual reports, so I invite you to see my full list of services on georgianavoinea.ro