Your personal brand in a world without imagination

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Your personal brand in a world without imagination

your-personal-brandFor so many people, it seems like an insane idea to have a personal brand.

The truth is, we all already have one. It might not be formal or something we think about all the time, but it is there. So, it’s time we start really defining what it means, and how to display it consistently across the web and in real life.



How to promote your personal brand?

In my vision, is like this:

1. Get your personalized business cards!

I am consistently shocked by the number of job seekers who have absolutely NO way of letting other people know how to contact them other than by shoving a resume in their face. And no, the ones you print at home on your own computer are NOT good enough!

2. Develop YOUR elevator pitch

Be ready! You never know when the opportunity might appear!

Give just enough information to make people want to ask you to tell them more. Don’t focus on your past, instead focus on your future. Nobody cares you have 15 years experience in accounting.

They want to know what you can do for THEM now!



3. Inspire people!

Now that you have your business cards and elevator pitch, GO out!

Attend conferences and events where your target audience is, meet new peple!




4. Network

Networking is about your ability to LISTEN!

Networking is NOT about you. It’s about building a relationship. It’s about helping people in your network of friends and colleagues connect for mutual benefit.

It’s about finding out what someone else needs and helping them.

5. Update your LinkedIn Profile

Let me tell you my secret in building my business network : My LinkedIn Profile

This brought me closer to the people I wanted to meet for my business partnerships.

YES, my first business partner -I met him via LinkedIn. And we were from different parts of the world, Romania and South Africa

Later on, when I tooked the opportunity of joining The Alpha Group, I got in touch with the Founders via LinkedIn.

Are you still thinking about it? Just take some minutes and personalize your LinkedIn profile!

6. “How Are You Call”

At a moment I met one of the most successful sales persons from Romania.

He said: My secret is about staying in touch with people and surprise them, let them know I care…

Phone people, NOT to ask them for something, but to simply ask: How are you?!

Yes, a how are you call will keep your relationships active! And yes, it works!

But most of all,  YOUR personal brand is about YOUR actions and results!

“A personal brand isn’t the sum of tweets that people so mindfully post. It isn’t the pictures that someone chooses to share. That’s just a small part of a reputation. The most important — and the hardest — part is the collection of actions, decisions and work that a person does day in and day out over a long period of time” Eric M Ruiz Business Lead at Waze

What about you? Share with us your ideas!

Bianca Corau

Founder Elite Business Women

Managing Partner More Solutions