Official press release – EU GCC MENA Global Collaboration Agreement

June 17th 2020
EBW International
WLC Lebanon

Elite Business Women would like to announce officially the first partnership for EU-MENA-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group with WLC Lebanon represented by Ms. Madiha Raslan President and invite women from various fields to cooperate.

The International Agreement was signed today LIVE via ZOOM together with women entrepreneurs from Europe & MENA region with the participation of EBW International and WLC Lebanon.

Main activities to follow as per our International Agreement between EBW & WLC :

– international networking, internatonal exposure for women entrepreneurs in the EBW network, more than 10.000 women entrepreneurs, mentorship for women entrepreneurs , online trainings and webinars , offline business events , co organinsing annual Business Summit and a mobile app for women entrepreneurs. –

„Together with women’s organizations we want to work for long-term cooperation, exchange, promotion, help in establishing contacts and creating partnerships and joint projects. Our goal is not to associate to create another organization. Our goal is for organizations to cooperate with each other, so that women have the opportunity to develop their chosen fields and to have help from various governmental or non-governmental institutions. We fight with stereotypes, we work for understanding and dialogue”Bianca Tudor founder & CEO EBW International

„We are proud to be forging this MOU with EBW, which is a like-minded organization and which is led by women who think differently, act differently and do things differently.Through this partnership, we aim to bring people together, open horizons, exchange and implement business ideas, forge new relationships, create new opportunities. This is a launching pad for us all to continue our paths but from a fresh new perspective. During these tough times that the whole world is passing through, we can only think of the survival of the toughest. We tend to forget the resilience that we have been building all along.

I want to emphasize the importance of this resilience as a quality and strength in every Lebanese woman entrepreneur. Through this partnership, we aim to bring people together, open horizons, exchange and implement business ideas, forge new relationships, create new opportunities. This is a launching pad for us all to continue our paths but from a fresh new perspective”. Madiha Raslan WLC President

Our aim EU-Levant- GCC Women’s Cooperation Group by EBW

We want to increase the number of interregional projects, women’s economic missions, joint scientific projects, successful startups, women’s companies, women in decision-making positions, trade agreements, and more places for cooperation and development.

We invite organizations to cooperate and we ask public persons, especially from the world of international politics and international trade, to support our idea.

The Group wants to cooperate with all governmental and non-governmental entities, technology parks, business incubators, scientific research institutes and centers, operational funds and programs, VC and business angels, coworking spaces, local authorities who want to help women develop.

What activities we target at EU- Levant- GCC Women’s Cooperation Group by EBW?

The Group wants to support existing activities: the EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification, The EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network and other EU-GCC cooperation related and to contribute to the EU-GCC free trade agreement. The group is open to activities with countries outside the EU-GCC, which can also be seen from the current webinars organized by the EBW.

About WLC first official partner

WLC is inspired by Lebanese Women and their resilience & strives to involve them in various activities to consolidate their position in the national economy. Through our shared experiences, values and knowledge,

WLC main goal is to integrate Lebanese Women in decision making while highlighting their driving force in economic, social & culture environments.

About EBW the initiator of EU- Levant- GCC Women’s Cooperation Group

Founded in 2015, Elite Business Women is an entrepreneurial education company for women; a social change entrepreneurship project.

Through the events organized by Elite Business Women, all the female entrepreneurs managed to get to know each other, to create close links that transformed EBW into an International Business Club, present in 6 cities in Romania, but also internationally in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Moldavia. The network has more than 10.000 women entrepreneurs.

The main activities are education, creating ecosystems to empower women in our Elite Business Clubs, crowdfunding Elite Business Women Investment Fund and global collaboration EU-GCC Women’s Cooperation Group