Irina Badii, iTRAD founder

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Irina Badii, iTRAD founder

Irina Badii, iTRAD founder


Hello! I am Irina Badii, I am 35 years old and I am iTRAD translator and founder. Our company offers translation, interpretation services and language courses. We are primarily addressing companies that, by the nature of their work and faced with this globalization process, need to facilitate the communication process.

​​I discovered the passion for foreign languages ever since high school and the meeting with a dedicated teacher made me take the decision to attend the Faculty of Letters. The scholarship I received to study in Spain made me fall in love with this country, culture, and language even more.

After graduating from university, over a period of time, the passion overlapped with the full-time jobs that I had in companies operating in different areas. I have translated thousands of pages from various industries, from standard documents to books, treaties or movie subtitles.

In 2017, iTRAD was set up, a project combining both soul and business at the beginning of its road, being one of the companies supported by the Start-Up Nation State Project.

There followed a dynamic period related to the implementation of the project, a period when I was a translator, an entrepreneur, and a trainer for new employees.

Currently, we work with companies from Romania and abroad, among our clients being Spanish companies, law offices, accountants, companies operating in the auto or aeronautics field, etc.

We are recommended by our customer loyalty and the positive feedback of our learners, and the iTRAD slogan „We fill every word with passion” speaks best about our work.