Lorelai Bilinschi, LIODENT CLINIQUE

My name is Lorelai Bilinschi. I am a doctor, I graduated from the UMF Carol Davila University of Bucharest. In 2001 I started my activities as a doctor in Braşov. I worked in the Hospital and at the same time in the Dentalmed clinic. Because of my qualities, I have been remarked and than I assumed the leadership responsibilities, than I became the director of the clinic. I have been collaborating with the Donit association, as a director of the association I leaded several European funded projects. That’s how I discovered my abilities as a business woman and the wish to develop my own business. I started dreaming and my dreams were followed by a lot of ideas. I have been working hard and finally my big dream came true it’s name is LIODENT CLINIQUE.

To be successful means to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams. The success is not an objective, but a journey that can last all your life. Everybody wants to be successful, to be recognized, to have certitude to have everything and more.

I think that the most important thing in life is to be reconciled with the thoughts that you did everything in your power, everything you knew, to get where you are now. No regrets… To have success means for me to have real friends who value your opinions, to have your parents proud of you, colleagues who appreciate you. If you have ambition, you like to learn and to work, you just need some luck, and with the people’s help and trust, you’ll get your name known.

Liodent Clinique

Zaharia Boiu street, no. 7, Sibiu, Romania

+40 369 440 800 / +40 729 139 000