I can say that in my 11 years of experience, at this moment I noticed that women are more and more present in business, clear proof that now they have more possibilities to assert, that now they can be helped to build a successful entrepreneurial career. Women can have the ambition to rise to the highest standards – with tenacity, passion, discernment – in identifying opportunities and the great desire to succeed in business, which does not belong only to strong men. I believe that today, women are determined and motivated to change the world of business

What I can say is that Romanians invest a lot in their personal image, that’s why the beauty industry has developed constantly, currently offering the most innovative facial and body care treatments. The success of a beauty business depends on several variables: innovation in services used, the quality of the treatments and the products used, the aspect of the space where the activity takes place, the training of the staff and the “customer care” services (communication with the clients). Where there is active communication between customers and the brand, there is also profit. Customer loyalty is essential in the beauty industry. A beauty business is always much better coordinated and managed by a woman. Beauty and femininity are already well-known attributes for a woman, so the field can bring some profitable opportunities.

Marinela Niculae

As an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, you are concerned with every aspect of the business and you need to consider essential factors of the success of your salon. The business objectives of your salon are results that you hope to achieve and maintain as you run and grow your business. With these essential factors of the success of your salon, you will create the guidelines that become the foundation for business planning.

To achieve the success you need to define business objectives as precisely as possible. As a leader, being a woman, I consider that empathy, flexibility, power of persuasion and interpersonal skills represent in addition to manhood. It has been proven over the years that women can inspire and motivate by encouraging authenticity, creating harmony between logic and intuition, thinking, and feelings! The role of women has become a vital one in this century and thus the leadership style has developed, whose coordinates are elegance, flexibility, and passion, female leadership!

In my opinion, to achieve anything in life, you must first set a goal, a goal, and pursue it with perseverance and courage, no matter how many challenges may arise, because you can achieve it. That’s why I believe that success means reaching your goal in life no matter what it is and no matter how long it will take you, never give up on your dream, your goal because it might be just a step, or just one step, to miss you!

I can say without false modesty, that I have achieved almost everything I set out to do in life, no matter how many sacrifices and challenges I had!

Mariana Niculae is an entrepreneur and the founder of Green Day Spa.


This exclusive article written by Mariana Niculae first appeared in the Elite Business Women magazine. 

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